29 thoughts on “Foxes on a trampoline

  1. I had found this same video months ago and laughed and laughed. It had one of the more acceptible youtube comments on it, “That’s so cute I had to punch myself 40 times in the face to get my manliness back.”

    There is something truly lovely about the pounce behavior of foxes and coyotes. I think part of it is the way the ears cup forward during the motion. These guys are really, really cute.
    Another thing I like about foxes is their black eyeliner, which was evident in that fox fetch video the other day. Black eyeliner on cats, too, is very beautiful.
    I often try to figure out why some animals or color variations are visually more appealing than others are.

    You seem quite interested in interspecific animal interactions. I did find two amazing ones on youtube you might be interested in.

    One of them shows two chicken “police” breaking up a domestic rabbit fight (it might have been rabbit sex, I am not sure).

    Another one shows a tethered donkey and a dog playing tag. The video is long but you only need to watch a minute of it to see that these animals are having a good time.

      1. Yeah the dog does cheat. And I’ve was thinking that maybe it is not 100% innocent play, either, since it’s a cattle dog which is a herding/droving breed and the donkey’s ears are back part of the time, and he does attempt to bite and kick the dog. The donkey is a bit of a captive in this situation.
        Oh well, at least they are both getting exercise!

          1. The funny thing about the rabbit/chicken interaction is that the intent of the chickens is not quite clear. I suppose if you have chickens and other animals you would over time get a better understanding of such interactions, and to try to understand what their intentions were.
            If you watch the chicken at the rear, in the last moments he gives his rabbit one more quick kick for no apparent reason, as if to have the last word or to drive home a point–I’d be curious to know what caused that.
            Too funny.

    1. Wow! The head and shoulders sure but how did that fox know the fat old tail wouldn’t get stuck. 🙂 Chicken wire smicken smire.

  2. That’s so cute! Maybe we can make them honorary cats? 😉

    (Arrgh! I used the ‘c’ word – ‘cute’, that is. I’m gonna have to punch myself 40 times in the face like Jesse’s quote.)

  3. Bounce doesn’t seem to be part of a fox’s frame of reference. They can do ‘land on all fours, and remain still’ exceedingly well, but the rest looks to be outside their comprehension.

  4. Saw a great video many years ago about a fox trying to attack a rabbit. The rabbit kicked the sh*t out of the fox and sent it flying.

  5. What amazes me is that the fox is using the same technique on the trampoline as it would hunting rodents under snow or in underground burrows and tunnels; listening, then jumping up to land with its front feet on the tunnel to collapse it on the rodent to trap it, then excavating the noms. Nifty

    1. That was lovely. I noticed the universal domestic cat signal, “tail straight up with little crook at the tip”, that the cat did while coming toward the fox.

  6. Could this be a fox week because foxes can mimic cat sounds when they are trying to lure them in for dinner?

  7. I wonder is this is an adapted behavior. They use this same method to break through thin ice on shorelines. I suppose they are hoping to find some tasty morsel.

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