18 thoughts on “It’s Christmas in Europe

  1. Have a Cool Yule; peace and goodwill to all, except the ones I hate. I hope their 2013 is as miserable as they made 2012 (I’m not referring to any WEITites).

  2. So trolling started before bl… er, websites: “Troll the ancient Christmas carol”.

    Good Yule!

  3. Boxing Day here. Wellington and lower New Zealand had record heat for Christmas Day, such as we don’t usually get till mid-January. Shorts and Jandals(tm) were the order of the day, and naps in the shade. My sister still made a Christmas pudding flamb√© that we had (with my panna cotta) outside under the waxing moon and stars.

    Compliments of the Season, Jerry and all.

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