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  1. Off topic a bit but, hey, it’s your fault. Because of you, I’ve discovered the world of used boots on ebay (or as stated by Kirk…’COOOOOOOOOYYYYYYNNNNNNE)

    Anywho, my question relates to sizing. Do you find that your boot size = your shoe size? Is sizing consistent within a manufacturer or is it kind of a hit-or-miss thing?

    I’ve purchased 4 pair, 3 @9.5D and 1 10D. 2 of the 9.5’s were so tight I couldn’t even get them on my foot. The third pair is tight but is workable. The 10 seems loose in the heel but is generally more comfortable. In shoes I wear a 10D.

    So, curse you and thanks!

    1. Ebay is the source of most of my boots, and you can get some real bargains there. Even for brand-new and perfect boots you can often pay 25-30% of the retail price, and for used boots much less.

      Boot size and shoe size don’t necessarily comport: most of my shoes are size 8, but I can wear boots beginning at 8.5 and going up to 9.5. Manufacturers differ in their sizing, too: Terry Stanley’s boots always run small. You simply must try them on. And remember, there should be some slippage in the heel; that’s normal with these boots. It looks as if you need a 10 in boots.

      1. Thanks. Until I’m dead sure on sizing, I’ll buy cheap or make sure they’re a return policy. I don’t mind giving a $30 pair of boots to Goodwill but getting stuck with $250 boots that don’t fit…not so much! OTOH, I can always sell them back on Ebay.

        1. Don’t forget the old soldier’s trick of setting your new boots to soak overnight before trying to wear them. The soaking medium .. how can I put this … is something that you can provide for yourself, though it may take a day or two to produce enough.
          The smell shouldn’t put you off ; the neighbours on the other hand, may object.
          OTOH, “Snow Seal” (I think a Colorado product) or calf’s foot jelly (international) will probably do as good a job, but needs to be worked in by hand (the warmth of the fingertips is significant).

  2. My foot is so broad I can’t even get them into boots unless they’re elastic sided or have a zip, and I’d really like to wear something like them.

  3. Can Jerry or someone else who is knowlegdeable comment on this article by Mehdi Hasan. He interviewed Dawkins a while back and had a few things to say afterwards.


    He argues that God is the answer to why there is something rather than nothing and tries to use cosmological science to argue the point. Not being a scientist I can’t really scrutinise his points, but they look suspiciously like the jargon-laiden, Deepak Chopra-esq attempts to sound sciencey enough so people will think you know what you’re talking about.


    I sent him a tweet advising him to read Lawrence Krauss latest

      1. I don’t see a “contact” link, email address or another way to get in touch privately in order to raise an issue.

        Regardless, won’t happen again. Apologies

        1. Jerry’s email address is a matter of public record ; it’s not difficult to find. I drop him a mail with “interesting stuff” several times a week, and occasionally get a reply.
          FYI : I put “[WEIT]” in the subject line of my mails related to this website, on the idea that it may help Jerry to manage his mail pile.

  4. Happy secular-Christmas-Eve Jerry! Tis a night to gorge on eggnog drinks so that you can get your liver and your arteries at the same time. A beautiful thing…

    I say some kind of reptile. The pattern on the hide looks a bit uneven and bumpy, so that’s my best guess.

  5. Dr. Coyne, like dogugotw above, I too have been converted to cowboybootism by your advocacy. I got five pairs this year, the latest being Western Diamondback snakeskin. This is your fault, of course.

    I may later regret your mentioning that ebay is a source for such objects of delight, but was delighted to learn it! Thanks for everything you do.

  6. The answer: shark, which someone mentioned above, but it’s SHAVED shark, whereby the upper layer of the skin is shaved off, leaving a softer layer below.

    1. That “someone” was me who answered “Sammy shark” whom I dissected way back when in Comp Vert Anat! Ruint my scissors, he did!

      EVERYBODY knows that Sammy shaves. Sheesh!

      “Someone,” indeed. I’m telling Kink.

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