6 thoughts on “A dreary day in Chicago

  1. That’s gloomy? Compared to Yorkshire at the moment it looks brilliant. The view out of our window looks like Mordor. Count yourself lucky you can see defined clouds.

  2. Looks relatively good to me.
    I walked over the foot bridge into town yesterday evening : the river (Don) was the highest that I’ve seen it in nigh 30 years, and it’s been sluicing down since. I wouldn’t be terribly surprised if we lost the foot bridge and a road bridge overnight.
    (And as a geologist, I don’t care much : there’s a good 15m of freeboard between the house and the river, and a couple of degrees of local slope to encourage the rain to “go away” down towards the river. I understand the meaning of the phrase “flood plain” and unlike some people, I don’t intend to have personal experience of it. “Just Think Of It As Evolution In Action,” not that I’m in the evolution game.)

  3. I’ll be seeing this view, or something like it, this weekend when I visit for the solstice holiday. AL’S Italian Beef stand better get ready!

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