A Grimm Google doodle

December 20, 2012 • 2:02 pm

Today’s Google doodle celebrates 200 years of “Kinder- und Hausmärchen”, otherwise known as Grimm’s Fairy Tales (see the Telegraph story here. If you go to the site and click on the right arrows, you’ll see 22 images that tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood, originally known as “Das Rotkappchen” (“The Little Red Hat”).

Have fun!

Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 8.05.20 AM

You can read about the Brothers Grimm and their famous collection of folk tales here.

h/t: Grania

13 thoughts on “A Grimm Google doodle

  1. I saw the subject and at first thought they were doing a serious send-up of tomorrow’s apocalypse, or maybe an homage to the Sandy Hook victims…that was before I noticed the extra “m”….


      1. Speaking as the descendant of Jews who managed to escape Germany just in time, meh.

        They did recount 3 tales that were antisemitic in their original collection; and those are not the ones that anyone remveres or endorses. They have sunk into the well-deserved oblivion they merited.
        The “the ashes Cinderella slept in would one day become the ashes of Auschwitz” line is frankly, a lame plagiarism from one lame post-modernist-interpretation review to another.

        1. Disney was close to the original, updated them a bit. You can’t expect that middle ages folktales work exactly for a more modern audience. Seeing animals hunted down and enviscerated was kind of normal back then.

          Regarding anti-semitism: welcome to christian values and compassion of yesteryear. Again, keep the contexts in mind.

  2. The wolf goes to gaol? Really? That’s not how I remember it. You Americans are so soft, can’t even cope with a wolf getting his comeuppance in the traditional fashion, by having his guts ripped open to liberate his victims and then being made into a fur coat!! I inferred the latter event, it’s what I would do in the circumstances. 😉

    1. Indeed. I seem to remember (growing up my German aunt used to read the original tales to me), that the wolf, after being cut up to let grandma and Rotkäppchen escape, was first stuffed with rocks and then sewn closed. All while sleeping. He then proceded to drown in a well. I wonder why Google changed the ending…

  3. Charming pictures but yes – they have sanitised the story. They were not stories just for children – they were just stories.

      1. The sad part is that the Mayan’s are being blamed for an interpretation that is popularized by the freaky USians.

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