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  1. (B)
    I’m applying for a photography job with the New York times (or was it the NY Post? The subway photo.)

    1. Camels are different from other ruminants in having two front teeth in the upper jaw, and a nasty pair of canines. The kid’s a goner.

  2. Your child is being eaten by a camel. Do you a) save your child or b) take a photo.

    The choice has been made, in this case.

  3. “Calm down, everybody. The camel is a ruminant. It doesn’t have any top teeth in the front.”

    No, it’s a camelid. It may lack upper incisors (at least the first and second ones) but has wicked canines. Camels have been known to bite through people’s heads (I’m not kidding).

  4. One of the twitter commenters answered rowansingh’s question: “You can have another child, but you might never have another photo opportunity.”

  5. See .. those atheists *do* eat kids!

    You’ve got to be careful when kids can interact with animals – even small animals can cause a lot of pain (and even death). For anyone familiar with horses biting horses, camels do the same sort of thing but they do a lot more damage. People have got to keep in mind that non-human animals do whatever animals do and can be quite a threat.

  6. Donkey: Hey, save some for your friend, won’t ‘ya?

    Forget the normal condition of an unconcerned parent and uncared for child, look at the camels knees! Is the knee-pad-ish look on the camel normal or is it missing hair from some abnormal wear?

    1. Those callouses are normal for camels; I’d be shocked to see a grown camel without it. Have a look at camels lying in the sand – even better if you can find a video of a camel kneeling.

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