9 thoughts on “Morning, Chicago

  1. All these nice indistinct pictures but I still can’t find a face of Jesus. Since Islam disapproves of representations of their prophet, I suppose the evidence goes in their favour.

  2. Very pretty. Could you please organize changes to all of the incorrectly oriented buildings to maximize the effect 🙂

    I can lend you a shovel and a crowbar.

  3. Very nice. Like all good sunset/sunrise shots, it plays off the magenta of the direct light against the blue of the diffused light.

  4. As a building oriented ‘improperly’ I take offence at Jerry’s insensitive, intolerant and edificiaphobic prejudice.

    We all are oriented in some way, to select one orientation as ‘proper’ is to denigrate all those productive and happy buildings, quietly getting on with their role and not demanding that they be accepted solely for their morning glow. Some of us reflect the evening sun, some prefer to stay out of the sun altogether. And let’s not forget that it all depends on your viewpoint – those in the East see us very differently to those in the West

    I will be taking this up with the LBGT (Large Building & Great Towers) association. You can expect to hear more about this.

  5. … and if they are oriented properly they turn gold.

    It’s not real gold. For that you need leprechauns.

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