A Christian brainwashes two-year-olds

November 14, 2012 • 9:01 am

“Give me the child for the first seven years, and I’ll give you the man.”

—Jesuit maxim, perhaps apocryphal

I haven’t seen an example of religious brainwashing as disgusting as this one. It features the odious Becky Fischer, director of the Kids in Ministry International (KIMI), an organization devoted (like her previous outfit, “Kids on Fire School of Ministry”) to turning young children into evangelical Christians. Her form of unremitting brainwashing will be known to those of you who have seen the movie “Jesus Camp“. (Part 1, and all the others, are available on YouTube).

The KIMI describes her activities; “training” is a euphemism for “brainwashing.”

Becky Fischer has trained thousands of children, teens, parents, and children’s workers. This was done through conferences, Bible schools, mission trips, churches and resource materials. She is the author of the book Redefining Children’s Ministry in the 21st Century, Jesus Camp My Story. She has also authored/co-authored eight unique and dynamic children’s church curriculums.

If this six-minute clip doesn’t anger you, you’re at the wrong website. The brainwasher even speaks in tongues to the kid!

The poor kid doesn’t have a chance.

You can see more of Fischer’s disgusting brainwashing here.

h/t: Diane G.

71 thoughts on “A Christian brainwashes two-year-olds

  1. Jesus Christ — will somebody please get a copy of this video to the appropriate Child Protective Services office? I don’t think even the Geneva Conventions permit what they’re doing to that poor baby.


    1. These religious types have always been abusing innocent children, best case scenario Becky Fischer will get a slap on the wrist…

    2. So far as I am aware the Child Protection Services never intervened in the disturbing child rearing practices of the Phelps clan. So I wouldn’t hold my breath.
      I get the impression (but may be entirely wrong) that intervention by Social Work Departments in the UK is far more common than by their counterparts in the US.

    3. Unless there’s serious physical injury, there’s not a chance. Even with physical injury, there’s little guarantee of intervention.

  2. I doubt that her curricula are especially “unique”, and they are “dynamic” only in the superficial sense of involving a lot of agitated excitement, but certainly not in the sense of being deeply motivational or engaging of the mind.

    “Jesus Camp” was a classic & wrenching study in mind-control, the inducing of young children to become increasingly dissociated from reality and to distrust common sense. I’m not really sure what impact any of this has on this kid.

    Disgust a more dominant response than anger, but anger too.

    1. #3 – I think that’s the Breastplate of Righteousness (TM), as part of the Armour of God (TM)

      Watching that kid, it looked to me that he was clearly unhappy and agitated. It worries me to think that if the parents see him being resistant to being in the presence of so much Holy Spirit, they might consider him to be demon-influenced (if not possessed), and take the horrendous and odious actions addressing that would entail.

    2. It caught my eye also, especially what looks to be a rather large knife or sword – looks like a uniform out of a fantasy action flick. A disturbing piece all around.

    3. A training vest maybe.

      Training for the real thing later, a suicide bomber vest.

      Becky Fischer is really into turning children into xian warriors for jesus so they can go on jihads.

  3. This is an obvious case of insanity and the proper authorities should take action to stop this, and to prevent to still worse forms of child abuse. It is really staggering what madness and idiocy is tolerated because it has the label ‘religion’ on it!

  4. At least at the moment it’s just imitative nonsense to the kid. A bizarre kind of peek-a-boo. It’s when he is a little older, and they try to scare the shit out of him with stories of burning in Hell forever that the real abuse starts.

    1. This probably has a lot to do with the pre-teen and young teens volunteering to work in the nursery. Listening to a screaming baby isn’t quite as bad as entertaining one’s parents’ hobby of glorifying their talking themselves.

    1. lol.

      Welcome to dealing with fundamentalists. They pretty much share this feature across the board: heavy restrictions on comments (either outright denied, or each one approved, or some probation period before one is taken off mandatory moderation). In fact, sounds a lot like atheism+’s operating procedure now that I think on it.

          1. +another one

            They’re both babbling incoherently – one has a reason for it. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one.

            1. Oh no, you can’t claim that. That is the very point under dispute.

              Remember the accommodationists and how much evidence they had for their stances, accusations et cetera. Zip, zero, nada.

              It behooves us (or skeptics in general) to be more careful. I’m still waiting for the statistics that would be a basis for necessitating “atheism and (something else)”.

              Or it is another ideology, which I’m fine with.

  5. It’s like a scene from a bad horror film showing the life of the mass murderer before he grows up to terrorise some small American town. I can’t see that child having a happy life. Either turn out to be a very outspoken atheist or a raving psychopath.

    1. One of my minor criticisms of fundie xians is that they set their children up to fail.

      Then they fail.

      A lot of them hate and fear education so they send their kids to fake xian schools or homeschool them. Except they don’t really educate them, they just pretend.

      The kids grow up ignorant and unskilled and that just doesn’t work well in the modern world.

      Fundies score lower in IQ and education levels than the general population and live in a place often called…Dumbfuckistan.

      Plus the serious warpage a fundie upbringing can cause.

  6. @1:42
    So we’ve got to look at babies and the unborn children and even preconception in a different way

    WTF is she talking about?

  7. People seem surprised when I ask (admittedly liberal) people “who owns the mind of a child”, and the standard answer is “they do of course”.

    They need to see this video. Those adults think they OWN that child’s mind.

  8. That child will be rendered to his church unable to reason, beyond the reach of logic. He will have to surrender to the hypnosis or his head will explode. He’ll end up proudly representing his church, completely incapable of understanding why anyone would have a contrary thought, and never comprehending why he should keep his religion to himself. A soldier for Christ. I feel sorry for him, but I also feel sorry for everyone who will have to interact with him in his life.

    1. The best and brightest sometimes manage to break through their brainwashing.

      It isn’t easy and can take years.

      Most atheists due to simple demographic changes, including myself, are ex-xians.

      1. Although there’s a growing body of evidence that brain development can be permanently affected by certain early experiences.

      2. Of course many of us break through. I attended twelve years of Catholic school. My father would makes us kneel down and say 3 or 4 rosaries once a week. The repetition of the Hail Mary is enough by itself to drive a kid insane. I rejected the church when I was 13 over the absurdity and humiliation of having to confess masturbation as a mortal sin to pedophile priests. And yes, I knew which priests in my high school were pedophiles which means the other priests and teachers knew which means the administration and at least some of the parents knew. Yet nobody did anything to stop it. It’s curious that I consider this woman even worse than those mutants who molested teen aged boys. They’re all awful, but I never saw anybody quite like this Becky Fischer who obviously thinks what she’s doing is good. I’m sure my feelings would be different if I had been one of the kids who was actually molested. The shame and then the anger must be all consuming until the victim comes to terms with it.

        1. I didn’t mean to imply I am one of “the best and brightest” raven was referring to and certainly didn’t mean to say my experiences were as traumatic as this kid’s in the video. Just trying to say that I agree, the indoctrination isn’t always successful.

  9. This is how religion survives.

    There might be a disposition for people to believe in supernatural agents.

    But it isn’t that strong.

    Religion survives by early, relentless childhood brainwashing backed up by every method of social control ever invented. In times past and in some places even today, that includes murders of dissenters and escapees.

    The penalty for apostasy in the bible is death. Those old Jerry Falwell clones who wrote the book knew what they were doing and why.

  10. Kid knows exactly what he’s doing. Babble and yell while the adults are babbling and yelling, and then when it’s finally over, Mom gets the tit out.

  11. Crap! I couldn’t continue watching this, the same as “Jesus Camp”. It always looked as though Fischer’s mouth would start foaming any second. What a vile person.

  12. Holyfreakinshit!

    Thanks for ruining my day by reminding me of the continues existence of this freakin’ moron.

    Fisher is certifiable. She desperately needs a 24/7 intravenous feeding of Thorazine in a padded room. This jackass is roaming the countryside w/o a straight jacket, poisoning everything in her path.

    If you want to see something that really shows her positioning talents, see her interview w/ Sid Roth at “It’s Supernatural.”
    (replace -dot-com with a real dot)
    This video should be all that you need to justify calling federal authorities asking for her immediate arrest and execution.

  13. We all can recognize physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. Let’s recognize this for what it is: spiritual abuse.

  14. Funny thing – at the (flamingly liberal) church I used to attend, the guy who looked after the toddlers was an avowed agnostic (his wife was in church, and he was much happier to spend that time playing with the kidlets). So I guess Fisher is right!

  15. The proudest moment in my adolescent life was when I finally spoke in tongues for the first time.

    One of the proudest things in my adult life is my son won’t be exposed to that sh*t from birth.

  16. I found something interesting as I watched this child imitate the babbling and moaning and systematic thrashing of the charismatic who feels themselves falling ‘under the power’ of the Holy Spirit: the chain of causation flipped. Instead of seeing a child being indoctrinated into something foreign to his nature — I saw a child’s normal nature being used as the model for indoctrination.

    In real life, it seems to me that babies and toddlers, on their own, often do this sort of thing for short periods — they bang on stuff, vocalize, kick their legs, thrust their arms, bounce around, roll their heads, arch their backs, sing, shout, scream, wail. It’s baby play, baby energy, baby rhythm. They might be in a good mood — or they might just really need a good nap. They let go and just do what they feel and it sounds a lot like this. To me, the child in the video looked a lot like he was being led to continue what’s normal way past the time when most kids stop on their own.

    It was the indoctrinators who didn’t sound normal. They sounded like babies gone to the extreme, out of control. And that’s how they sound when they’re in a charismatic church, having one of their religious encounters with Jesus: as if they’re slipping back into an old part of the brain and having a sort of organized tantrum or fit, a playacting reminiscent of how we naturally behave in infancy. Bababababa. The origin of tongues.

    The adults were brainwashing the kid, but it felt like the kid was brainwashing them right back by providing them with their goal. That’s what they want: their minds washed clean, as clean and devoid of reason, sense, and self-control as when they were in the envious state of babyhood themselves. Goo goo ga ga bang bang bang kick. Fools for Jesus indeed.

    1. You know, that’s a very insightful observation. It’s even supported by popular theology and Bible verses, such as the one about coming to Jesus as a child, or how we’re all as children before God the Father, and so on.

      It never occurred to me that some of these people are actually intentionally trying to literally become babies again…but it makes a very frightening kind of sense.


      1. I was Southern Baptist, not charismatic, but I visited a local charismatic church a few times and remember sermons about how we are to become like children, in all their innocence — just as a child babbles in imitation of adult language without understanding what it means, speaking in tongues imitates the language of God even though we can’t understand what we’re saying.

    2. To me the boy just looks overwhelmed with all the incessant frantic adult attention. I doubt that he has a clue what it all means. He is like a dog barking hysterically or a mouse bouncing around its cage: he’s bombarded with noise and activity, and just wants it to stop. There is real distress in his face.

    3. Well stated. I actually laughed when I saw the baby “speaking in tongues,” because it so clearly demonstrated how this “gift of the holy spirit” is nothing more than baby babble, which is what the skeptics have been saying all along. But your insights are thought provoking, as always.

  17. Someone should really do a spiff of this, but instead of chanting “Jesus! Hallelujah, Amen”, say something like, “Cheez-its, Hamburgah, Cavemen…” and my guess is that the kid will react in the same way.

    Will it mean anything, will the kid be in the presence of holy cheese and burgers? Nope. Are they both speaking in tongues? Yep.

  18. So the idea is that by irritating the hell out of your toddler, you’ll… what? Teach him something other than dreading your presence?

  19. Let’s not mince words, she says “nurture” repeatedly, almost as if she wants people to believe that’s what she means. What she does mean, of course, is “indoctrination”.

    There is, perhaps, some hope for for the unfortunate child in the clip, as I could swear that the horrible woman brow-beating her offspring is chanting “power in the name of cheeses” 🙂

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