Interview on Portuguese radio

October 4, 2012 • 1:06 am

Ana Gomes, a well-known broadcaster and science journalist in Portugal, interviewed me in Lisbon about my book, its relevance to the Portuguese (the book is being launched on Saturday in conjunction with a public talk I’m giving in Porto), and about my work on São Tomé (a former Portuguese colony). It’s to be broadcast on Friday on the Portuguese equivalent of NPR, with a Portuguese voice-over above my own voice. You can, however, hear just the English interview at this website.

As usual, I haven’t listened to it because I bridle at the sound of my voice, but it I do talk about my fly work a bit more than in most of my interviews.

The Portuguese have much less of a problem with evolution than Americans do, at least as far as I can tell by talking to people. Evolution is routinely taught in public schools and is not an issue.

Although Portugal is a pretty religious country, the religion is Catholicism. Since the Catholic Church officially accepts evolution, this may be the explanation. (Note, though, that 29% of American Catholics are dyed-in-the-wool creationists.)

8 thoughts on “Interview on Portuguese radio

  1. I enjoyed your interview–including your voice–very much, especially finding out that your ‘animals’ like rotten bananas. She asked good questions and let you answer them.

  2. >>I haven’t listened to it because I bridle at the sound of my voice

    Actually, you have a clear voice, well-pitched, not at all strident.

    And after hearing several Youtube lectures presented by several well-known evolutionary biologists and writers, I’d have to say that yours were some of the most enjoyable and memorable. (Some people are excellent writers, but not as easy to follow when speaking.)

    Your only problem is that sometimes you seem rushed, as if in a hurry to get the information out; but during the Portugese broadcast you paced yourself well.

  3. As an amusement I sometimes like to think of the christian proposition of gods and how they work while applying the concept to known animal characteristics.

    So, one day the christian gods said let there be a fly that kills a related species with sperm. And so it was. If the christian gods are anything they certainly are immoral. Just think of what it would take to formulate that concept in the mind.

    Interesting fly information. Thanks!

    On the idea of religion doing good, I disagree. I think the good can be accomplished without the lying and deception of religion.

  4. As usual, I haven’t listened to it because I bridle at the sound of my voice,

    Almost no one likes the sound of their own voice, because it sounds so different from what they hear from the inside. Yours is rather a nice voice.

    The interviewer did a lot more ‘ummm’ing than a decent broadcaster should.

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