Help support major secular organizations—just by voting!

September 16, 2012 • 12:05 pm

Over at The Friendly Atheist, Hemant notes that three secular organizations—Camp Quest, The Secular Student Alliance, and Foundation Beyond Belief—are in the running to get big bucks from the Chase Community Giving Program so long as they accrue enough votes. I’m just going to paste in what Hemant said about voting (the deadline is in three days):

As I write this, the Secular Student Alliance, Camp Quest, and Foundation Beyond Belief are all within striking distance of *major* money courtesy of the Chase Community Giving Program.

. . . Voting runs until September 19th.

The top 46 charities are assured $50,000 or more. (Foundation Beyond Belief is *so* close to that position…) [JAC: SSA is now #38, and if everyone here voted, we might push the other two past the critical #46 threshold!]

How can you help?

If you’re on Facebook, you get two votes. If you want to vote for the Secular Student Alliance, go here. If you want to vote for the Foundation Beyond Belief, go here. If you want to vote for Camp Quest, go here.

Hate Facebook? Fine! Vote at for FBB, SSA, or CQ!

If you get your friends to vote (using your referral), you’ll get an additional vote!

And if you’re a Chase customer, you can get an additional two votes.

Make this happen before time runs out next week.

Why wouldn‘t you vote? It takes only a minute and can garner some big bucks for some good organizations.

I don’t sell you tee shirts with my face on them nor push cephalopodic geegaws to pad my income; all I ask, in return for my awesome posts, is that you consider clicking a few buttons to advance our cause.  We have several thousand readers here, and if every one of you voted, all three organizations would get $50,000.



25 thoughts on “Help support major secular organizations—just by voting!

  1. Why wouldn‘t you vote?

    Sadly, because I have neither any type of FriendLink account nor am I a Chase customer.

    If there’s some way for the rest of us to vote, count me in….


    1. Fellow UK person Dermot ~ Did you vote via facebook? I tried, but it requires the OK’ing of an app ~ I OK’d that, but got an error when clicking the vote button

      1. The voting site has been having some issues, especially if you are using IE rather than firefox or Chrome. Try switching browsers!

        I work for the SSA and all three of these orgs really appreciate any votes you all can get us to help solidify huge grant opportunities!

      2. Yeh, Michael, I’m on FB under a semi-pseudonym for pop-related reasons; I had no problems. Can’t help with technical issues. Maybe try again later?

  2. What you SHOULD KNOW is that your votes can actually make a TREMENDOUS DIFFERENCE in this contest. Some of the orgs right now have only ten votes, a top one has ONLY 60. So on this one, you really really do have a chance to make a difference!

    I voted last week, but I have been following MANY organizations in this contest…

  3. Why not use Facebook?

    Email is so 80’s, and Privacy went the way of the Raphus cucullatus in the 90’s.

    Seriously, Facebook Privacy can be set so only you can see your stuff (which of course defeats the idea of a Social Network), and you can help direct some money to a worthy cause without reaching into your wallet.

  4. Voted. Worthy causes, welcome post.

    I don’t sell you tee shirts with my face on them nor push cephalopodic geegaws to pad my income

    Is that supposed to be good-natured ribbing or a passive-aggressive insult? (If it’s hard to tell, you’re doing it wrong.)

    Two related observations:
    a) Your website has a series of links there on the right that are titled in big bold font: “Buy [My] Book”.
    b) according to the Chronicle of Higher Education, the median salary for full Professors at the University of Chicago is $197,800 ($201,500 for men). The median salary for Associate Professors at the University of Minnesota, Morris is $58,900.

    If you want to chide people for income-padding, maybe pick on somebody your own size.

    1. Two observations related to your two related observations:

      1. The big bold font says “Buy the Book” not buy my book. And you can bet if a certain associate professor at University of Minnesota, Morris ever finihes the book he is purportedly writing, there will be a bigger “buy button” on his website.

      2. There are reasons why some folks are associate professors at University of Minnesota, Morris and others are full professors at one of the nation’s premier universities. One is paying or partially paying one’s salary from grant money; the other is talent.

      Besides, knowing Jerry, he’s not picking on the squidly one or putting him down for where he teaches or his academic rank.

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