BWPA Wildlife Photography winners

September 11, 2012 • 4:02 am

The British Wildlife Photography Awards have just been announced for 2012.  The Guardian features a selection of 18 winners, from which I’ve chosen four.  Click to enlarge here, but go see the other 14 as well.

Gannets always seem to be a popular subject. Here’s the overall winner for 2012, also nabbing the coast and marine category award, “Gannet Jacuzzi” by Dr Matt Doggett.

This is one of my favorites and winner of the British seasons category: “Snow hare portfolio” (see others in this portfolio on the Guardian site); photos by Jules Cox

Anyone has the opportunity to take a photo like this, but only a few have the eye to take advantage of a flock of starlings in this way.  Winner in the Urban wildlife category, Starlings watching starlings, photo by Phil Jones.

Winner in the In my back yard category, “Wasp house cleaning,” photo by David Handley

h/t: Matthew Cobb

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