Snake cakes beat pakes

August 14, 2012 • 10:28 am

If you’re a herpetologist or reptile-lover with a birthday coming up, eat your heart out. Or rather, eat one of these snake cakes. Via PuffHo, I’ve learned about these amazing cakes baked by Francesca Pitcher of North Star Cakes in Kent, England (her bakery Facebook page is here, displaying many other wonderful cakes).

The Daily Mirror gives more information:

Mum Francesca Pitcher created such a lifelike snake cake for her six-year-old daughter’s birthday party, it left “freaked out” guests in hyssssssterics.

The 37-year-old fashioned the coiled-up Burmese python cake at the request of her daughter Claudia who wanted a ‘spooky’ themed birthday party following a trip to the zoo.

Francesca, who is in fact afraid of snakes, spent three days creating the realistic reptile after studying images of the yellow coloured snake online.

She baked six sponge cakes before carving and sculpting them into the slinky appearance of the python – one of the most lethal non-venomous snakes in the world.

Dedicated Francesca then spent a painstaking 12 hours decorating the bizarre birthday cake until it resembled a convincing Amelanistic Burmese python.

She used a white chocolate fondant and applied a special dye to make the skin and replicate the distinctive markings of the dangerous snake.

Despite its realistic appearance, Claudia and her 26 friends loved the cake and fought over who was going to eat the head.

It took so long to bake it; will we ever have these memories again?

19 thoughts on “Snake cakes beat pakes

  1. Oh, wow… I thought this was about snake pot pies or something and thought the picture of the snake was a bit odd… I didn’t realize until the second paragraph that that was actually a picture of the cake!

  2. Great cake! Makes me very curious as to whether dogs and cats would be fooled, and if so, for how long. I wouldn’t expect for very long since they have better senses of smell, but it would interesting to watch.

  3. Wow, brilliant effort! Bravo!

    And this is not meant to be nit-picking, but it looks like the snake has tied itself in a knot. Perhaps just be the angles of the shots, but do any snakes in the wild ever tie themselves in a knot while coiled up? (I suppose not.)

    1. I have never seen a snake in this type of coiled position having part of its body flung over right behind the head like this. Wouldn’t doubt that it happens sometimes, but it would definitely be rare.

      The baker probably would just have a much much harder time if she was to choose to make a more realistic representation, as it would require a longer body, more cake, and I would guess be harder to mold into the right shape.
      Though nobody would call more cake a bad thing.

  4. Brilliant! However, Jerry, I’m willing to bet if you tasted it you would not think the snake cake beats pake. I’m not an expert on fondant but I’ve not found it (fondant?) particularly tasty. That is, I’m not fonda fondant.

  5. I love the scale pattern, and the head is great. Mmmm, vanilla cake with jam and buttercream filling. Just like my Mom’s Victoria sandwich cake (which was always my birthday cake too, though it was round and didn’t have candles because I can’t blow them out).

    This would look great as a rattlesnake done in Mexican chocolate.

    1. Clever! It was wedged between the two pics! I missed it, first go round, so involved in the awesome detail of the cake. Even the plate around the cake appears to be a snake’s nest of (chocolate) brown leaves and such.

  6. Seriously. When I first saw the first picture I was scared. I hate and am afraid of snakes! But, when I read the next paragraph I was amazed. A snake cake! It must be difficult to make cake like that.

  7. This is unbelievable, I had to start reading several times to understand that the title “snake cakes” is actually literal and that the snakes on the pictures are not really snakes.

    Real talent there, she would have been a great sculpture.

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