Brown bear + salmon cam!

July 28, 2012 • 7:28 am

This is awesome: a live webcam from Brooks Falls, Alaska, where the salmon are running at Katmai National Park.  And the bears are in the water being avid piscivores. Don’t miss this one!

Read more about the webcams (there are four) at

One camera is at Brooks Falls, where the bigger male bears compete for salmon, some while the fish are trying to jump the falls. The bears eat mostly the brains and eggs of these fish and let the carcasses flow downstream. This is the prime viewing area now.

The second camera is about 150 yards away, where females and cubs eat the fish scraps floating downstream. The third is at the lower falls, where bears will congregate later this summer when dead salmon float downstream after spawning. “Any bear can catch them when they’re dead,” Wood said.

The fourth is on Dumpling Mountain and provides an aerial view of the entire ecosystem, including Brooks Lake, Naknek Lake, Brooks River and falls, and in the distance the Valley of 10,000 Smokes, Damata said.

“The placement of the cams is fantastic,” Wood said. “I mean, they’ll be close enough, many of the bears you’ll be able to identity and follow the individual bears as they use the salmon at Brooks Falls and raise their young here.”

A screenshot:

h/t: Greg Mayer via Andrew Sullivan (!)

4 thoughts on “Brown bear + salmon cam!

  1. Very neat, watching this with the kids as the Olmpics are on in the background. Spotted a Bald Eagle at one point as well as the 2 bears.

  2. Very cool! But, they didn’t seem to be catching anything when I looked just now. Here’s one that almost caught one, but for a competitor (NB: add www. to make it work)

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