Eclipse meetup on Sunday

May 18, 2012 • 4:49 am

As I’ve mentioned before, there will be a rare annular eclipse this Sunday, May 20.  A small group of WEIT readers is convening at the Grand Canyon, near the centerline of the eclipse, and the view at sunset should be awe-inspiring.  If you’d like to go, email Ben Goren at the link given here.

Attendees include Justin Zimmer and his family, artist Kelly Houle (creator of the Illuminated Origin of Species) and her partner, reader daveau, and of course Ben Goren. I’ve informed them all that I expect some great photographs (and artwork from Kelly) to post on this site. They promise to come through.

As a bonus, daveau enclosed with his email a photo of his famous cat Meryln, along with this note:

Here is a picture of Merlyn at sunset on Monday. He’s 20 months now, and he sometimes looks like a cat, and sometimes still like a kitten. As you probably know, British shorthairs aren’t really mature until three years. Handsome boy, though.

10 thoughts on “Eclipse meetup on Sunday

  1. Such a gorgeous cat with the uncommon copper brown eye color as he rests on the green grass. One cannot help but to appreciate the colors in this pic.

  2. Stone me that is an awesome looking cat. He could surely take on a role as a computer game hero. The Grand Canyon is on our list of things to see but we don’t get to the States much, (Florida in August though)!

  3. Wow, that’s a really beautiful cat you have there and the photo is simply awesome. If I ever get a cat, one like Merlyn will be pretty high on my list.

    And to those who go to the Grand Canyon I wish lots of fun and a cloudless sky.
    Alas, I’m stuck at the other side of the Atlantic, so no eclipse for me 🙁

    1. Nah, don’t worry about looks where a cat is concerned. Looks are just icing on the cake.

      Personality is the thing, whether Felix is a suck who insists on occupying your lap whenever possible, or an aristocrat who will barely deign to notice you (unless treatz are in the offing), or any of an infinity of other feline personalities.

      Indeed, getting a randomly bred moggie instead of a pure bred reduces the chances of genetic disease appearing later in life.

  4. I wish I were able to go.

    I’ve stayed at the Grand Canyon Village twice, once in one of the chalets that’s on one side of the path that has the canyon on the other… 

    Grand Canyon plus eclipse = double-plus good!


    1. Yes, that’s pretty accurate color all around. His eyes are his most striking feature. BSHs either have this copper, or a deep golden color.

      Thanks, everyone. I’ll tell him you said that when i get home.

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