More hawk stuffz: new chick hatching

April 24, 2012 • 8:06 am

Two readers have sent in pictures from or about the Cornell Hawkcam, where you should be watching the red-tailed hawks and their offspring. Readers have noticed a second chick pecking its way out of the egg.

Reader ivy privy has taken a photo of the whole megillah, with this information (click to enlarge photo):

The active nest is dead center on the lower catwalk. You can just see a tail to the right of the pole. To the upper right is an old nest (I presume).

The comm equipment is lower down the pole, and has cables to two pieces of equipment. To the upper left is what I believe to be the webcam, enclosed in a glass dome. The second piece of equipment, with the red box, I am unsure about. (microphone and thermometer?)

And reader “P.” has sent two pictures of feeding time, taken only half an hour ago (10:15 EST). Remember that the chicks have to eat meat from animals killed by the parents:

And here’s mom (“Big Red”) with dinner.  Tastes like chicken!

26 thoughts on “More hawk stuffz: new chick hatching

  1. At present they have the webcam zoomed out a bit, you can see the steel mesh of the catwalk, and the parking spaces below. The pole is swaying a bit in the wind. I am wondering if the grey tube at the far right is for the microphone.

    1. It says there are two cameras, one suitable for night time viewing. I guess that explains the two cables.

  2. They just zoomed way out. I can see the trafic on Tower Road, and someone waiting for a bus next to the mailbox in front of Bradfield.
    The tilted brown boxes on the left are the lights for the athletic field.

  3. Nathan,

    I guarantee you Jerry will not respond to your comment. He’s afraid that if he says something he might have to actually be prepared to debate the Origin of Life issue in an open forum. Keep laughing, happy people keep out of trouble. Cheers,

    1. My expectation is that Jerry Coyne, being both a professor at the University of Chicago and a scientist, is very busy and probably doesn’t spend the vast majority of his day trolling his own blog for comment. Finals week starts next week for me, so if he’s coming up to those or is in those, my bet is that he’s extremely busy right now.

      I don’t think Jerry’s afraid of debating Intelligent Design in a public forum. Hell, I’m a Cultural Anthropology student who’s interest in the physical sciences and evolution is merely that of a layman, and I’m not afraid of debating intelligent design in a public forum. In fact, I’m pretty sure a 3 year old could take apart intelligent design.

      And irreducible complexity is so full of crap that even Stephen Colbert was able to rip it to shreds while in character, with only 3 minutes for an interview.

      No… I’m pretty sure there isn’t a rational human being alive who’s afraid of debating Intelligent Design in a public forum.

      The thing is, it’s already happened. Heard of Dover? Yeah… y’all got squashed by a court. If a Conservative judge appointed by George W. Bush could see past the Intelligent Design bull, then there’s no more need for debate. It’s settled. ID is religious Creationism in disguise, and it’s wrong. Period. End of subject.

      If Jerry wants to respond to you, he will. If he doesn’t, then he won’t. You do know that all of us atheists have lives outside of our atheism, right?

  4. Thank you so much for posting about these wonderful hawks, as I never would have known otherwise. I’ve spent the better part of the last few days watching these birds.

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