Another tribute to Hitch

April 17, 2012 • 7:33 am

Courtesy of Token Skeptic, we have the Global Atheist Convention’s tribute to Christopher Hitchens, just shown in Melbourne.  It’s only 11 minutes long but contains some of his best bon mots and compelling statements. Like the Charlie Rose video below, this is well worth watching.

17 thoughts on “Another tribute to Hitch

  1. The risk now is to make a Saint Hitch out of him post-mortem. Unfortunately, I hear the sounds of that taking place already. A saint for the non-believers. That would be both unsavory and depressing.

    1. Highly unlikely.

      This was a short tribute*, not The Unexpurgated Life and Times of CH, and I think most atheists are intelligent to grasp the difference.

      * Worth noting: he in fact had been an invited speaker to this conference before he died, this was entirely appropriate to have on the program under the circumstances.

      I find it a little hard to comprehend the mindset of people who feel the need to “balance” to any mention of Hitchens, just in case. Hope you don’t feel the need to “bring balance” at funerals too. That really would be unsavory and, well, depressing.

  2. This is an easygoing tribute. I kept thinking if I were near my end and knew I had X number of months to live, I would probably travel. Drink and eat well. Go to Italy. Perhaps Turkey. But take it easy. Outdoor cafes & bistros on the river. Hitch preferred to fight. He is as generous and impassioned as that great 19th-century atheist Robert Ingersoll I keep reading about but have not yet fully explored.

  3. My favorite Hitchslap, and I’ve only seen it once…even though I’ve searched the internet high and low for the clip… is when Christopher was a fairly young man and he was discussing something with William F. Buckley, Jr., probably on “Firing Line” (if I remember correctly, the clip was in black and white). Anyway, Hitchens was explaining some elaborate point and Buckley says in that condescending manner he had, “I didn’t understand a word you just said”. Hitchens without missing a beat: ” I’m hardly surprised”. Game-Set-Match. I wish I could find the clip.

  4. A fave champion who I respect and miss. Thankfully we have his audio and video forever. I’m relistening to ‘God is Not Great’ at home when bestirring myself to the domestic chores.

  5. Excellent, all too brief, summary of a true champion of reason and rational belief. I eagerly await the emergence of another as erudite, witty and committed as Hitch.

  6. Brought a lump to my throat. I await the coming of another as erudite, witty and committed as Hitch

  7. I just had a smoke and a double shot of smash face. My salute to Hitch.Not recomended, but, what the hell! That was Hitch. He figured he wouldn’t get it in mythical Heaven and Hell, so he took the cash and let the credit go.Thanks for the Ride, Hitch. See you in eternity. That’s where all of us were for over thirteen billion years. Memento Mori.

  8. I had to introduce the Four Horsepeople (Ayaan Hirsi Ali instead of Hitchens) after this memorial. I nearly burst into tears on stage.

  9. A good friend (who is responsible for my regularly reading JoeMyGod, Pharyngula, and WEIT) has also beat the drum for Hitchens. But until now I’ve never bothered to investigate. All I can say is Wow! Too bad his life wasn’t longer: the assholes of religion need to hear more people like him who take no prisoners in their combat against superstition.

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