24 thoughts on “An endothermic dinosaur

  1. Do you know how many houses we rejected because they weren’t forced air gas? Mostly because we wanted to be able to install A/C.

    I still love steam heat though, and that would be perfect.

  2. I wanna be the very coolest
    Like no one ever was
    To get the money is my real test
    To buy a radiator zoo is my cause

    I will travel across the land
    Searching far and wide
    For people to donate, and to understand
    The power that’s inside
    To heat up my woolen hats
    Radiator dinosaurs

  3. Notice the cool wallpaper behind the dinosaur, it’s all mushrooms! I want one too, sigh, I want one of the chemistry sets too. Waaaaaaant.

  4. Isn’t this dinosaur exothermic, not endothermic? It gives off heat, it doesn’t absorb it (to any great degree). Regardless, I wish I could afford this/fit it into my tiny room

  5. That “one-finger cup” clearly requires two fingers (one inside and one outside) to keep it vertical. Captain Hook could not lift it without spilling.

  6. That’s a radiator? Err, “cool” isn’t particularly appropriate. I guess I can’t say any more than “good”.

  7. Question:

    How can you tell from a pile of bones that an animal has internal temperature regulation?

  8. I guess none of the enthusiasts for this do the dusting in their house, or have small kids in danger of poking out an eye.

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