23 thoughts on “Mutant celebrity bunny crushed to death by cameraman

  1. “It was a direct hit” (hmmmpppfhhh – supressing giggle. Why am I like that. laughing at wrong things)
    Cute ex-bunny

  2. Bunny? Looks like cat food to me.
    One of the more amusing sights in life is the look of pained indignation on a house-cat’s face as they discover that the fluffy little rabbit kitten may look like food, but that the big angry doe has quite a set of teeth on her, a set of hind-leg claws, and the whole lot attached to some serious digging muscles. Put them together and you have a cat getting a very unexpected kicking, and having to struggle hard to get away from the fluffy fury. Feline dignity is hard to maintain.
    I expect Youtube has some clips … well, if there are, I can’t find them.

    1. I’ve long said that rabbits are rapidly evolving, though I’m not sure if they’re evolving into tyre-rubber or tarmacadam.
      They are, after all, under intense selective pressure.

      1. We’re involved in a highly expensive government program to develop a super rabbit here Downunder. So far we’ve made them immune to both myxomatosis and calicivirus, and god knows what other skills they’ve acquired out in the bush, but the rest of our wildlife is anything to go by they’re probably becoming poisonous in some way or another.

  3. I don’t know if the camera man/woman was careless, but reporters and camera men are known to become rude, careless and belligerent when news coverage becomes competitive.

    1. It was obviously a domestic rabbit, so yeah, that’s what they exist for. That or being eaten, but I don’t think it’s going to be useful for the latter purpose anymore…

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