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  1. Small point of Mormon theology. It’s my understanding that each Mormon male gets his own planet to rule after death.

    So, they wouldn’t be in a cloud — they’d be on Mars or Venus or Alpha Centauri 6.

    I don’t think girls get their own planets. So, Anne would be on some random guy’s planet.

    Double creepy, if you ask me.

    1. Interesting. I pity the Mormon who ends up ruling Delta Rana IV. Kevin Uxbridge is not somebody you’d want to upset.

    2. don’t think girls get their own planets. So, Anne would be on some random guy’s planet.

      Almost right. Mormon men get to be gods with their own planet. Our own god on Kolob was once just another guy who worked his way up.

      Women are screwed. Literally. All gods get a fleet of goddess wives. They spend their time fucking them to make spirit babies, that is us before we cycle down to earth. Our goddess mothers spend all their time pregnant and giving birth to all 7 billion humans.

      Our goddess mother is so important that no one even knows her name. You can tell that Mormonism was invented by an overage adolescent male.

      1. Timothy Sanders is now a converted homosexual. Praise “whomever” the mormons pray to… the world is now a better place

  2. Militant atheists have resorted to the cartoon-weapon…..

    This is the kind of behaviour which can only be described as shrill, strident and not likely to garner as much respect as belief systems whose adherents blow themselves up in public places.

  3. I am actually all for posthumous conversion. I wish more sects would do it. That way, they have no justification for bothering the living.

    Evangelist: Knock knock. “Excuse me, sir, do you have a few minutes to discuss the Good News and your salvation with us?

    Me: “Not right now; come back after I die.”

      1. Yeah, see the problem is not enough sects do this. When one sect claims to have posthumously converted Anne Frank, its disturbing, ghoulish, and wierd. But if 1,000 different sects did it in the same year, it would be comedy. At that point, nobody could take the practice seriously. Which is exactly the right response.

  4. I read Meep Gies’ Anne Frank Remembered: The Story of the Woman Who Helped to Hide the Frank Family recently. They never did discover who alerted the authorities about the families hiding in the attic.

    I also read The Journal of Hélène Berr. She, Anne and Anne’s sister Margot all died in Bergen-Belsen around the same time.

    Tragic, that the lives of wonderful, thoughtful young people like this can be ended in such atrocious circumstances.

  5. i discussed this exact post in another forum. a guy i know there, who happens to be mormon, answered with this (it’s still weird, to me):

    I guess I’ll just restate what I said in the thread about this last week… Mormons don’t believe that if somebody performs a proxy baptism for a deceased person that the deceased person is automatically a Mormon. We believe that we have our agency to in the afterlife as much as we have it now. The purpose of the proxy baptism is primarily for those that didn’t have an opportunity in this life to learn the Gospel and be baptized as if they had had that opportunity here. So to answer matt’s question in a non ironic way, if a jew or christian, already in heaven, don’t want it then it doesn’t matter… even if we’re right.

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