77 thoughts on “What is it?

  1. I just showed my freshmen a gallery of such mugs last week, so I know the answer but will recuse myself. Can I leave a hint?

    It’s not an ecdysozoan.

  2. The sockety spiky things suggested echinoderm, so I at first wondered about some aberrant worm-like holothurian. But holothurians don’t have eyes. These ones look like primitive COMPOUND eyes, so I next thought polychaete, which is my final bet – but not a very confident one. Whatever it is, it is amazing. Isn’t evolution wonderful.

      1. By analogy with similar photos of Nereis specimens I have around here (they have cool jaws this guy doesn’t have) what appear to be «eyes» are articulated palps with tiny sensory cillia.

  3. What function might the hairs have? Anchoring it after burrowing into something? I would say Demodex folliculorum as they are my favourite mites, but suppose them to be smaller…

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