The eagles have landed!

January 28, 2012 • 5:29 am

Several readers have informed me that the pair of bald eagles are now nesting again at the Norfolk Botanical Gardens in Virginia.  One mating was recorded on January 23:

And now we can look forward to a season of breeding.  Let’s hope the parents both survive this year, and that the chicks won’t have to be taken in for rearing.

You can find the EagleCam here; bookmark it if you want to see the fun.  The moderated discussion, where you can find out what’s been happening, is to the right of the video.  The cam is down right now, but should be fixed soon.

Bonus video: Eagle pwns tabby.  From YouTube; the owner apparently lives in Alaska. It’s the same person who posted the video in comment #6 below.

It was Thanksgiving morning and I noticed about 20 eagles fighting over some slab of food. This eagle won the fight and went on the hill next to my house to eat his food. Next thing I know 2 of my cats are up on the hill checking out this eagle. I tried to call them in the house but they wouldn’t listen to me. I wasn’t too worried about the eagle attacking the cats because that eagle was too into that slab of food. So I got out my video camera and took this video. When Suitcase got so close that eagle could have tore Suitcase up but instead just gave him a slap with his wing. The eagles here are not really aggressive to the cats here.

15 thoughts on “The eagles have landed!

  1. I’ve also been following the saga of NX, one of the 3 offspring from last year. She is the one with the transmitter. She had a poor first release, and had to be brought back to the Wildlife Center of Virginia for a month or so to get her size and strength up. Then in December, she was apparently hit by a car, causing eye and wing damage, so she was brought back to the center again, where she is still in recovery.

    1. Oh, man, that’s hard to hear. I’m almost afraid to get too caught up in this year’s eagle brood after what happened last year.

    1. That is some terrific video. I’m scared enough to let the cats out when there are hawks around. maybe I shouldn’t be so nervous.

    2. WOW! How amazing! What a thrill to witness. That’s a very special place you live in.

      BTW, my own cat sat up and looked all around when he heard the eagle vocalize.

      Have you ever heard of eagles preying on cats up there?

    3. I sincerely apologize if i’ve led anyone to believe that I was the one who made this video. I should have been more specific.
      I simply found this video and thought i’d share. I’ve actually been waiting for Jerry to post this, given his love for both species.


  2. It’s my first introduction to observing eagles up close and personal. Your blog posts are absolutely fascinating. I’m so impressed, I am giving you the Versatile Blogger Award. See details on my blog post called Promoting Pride in Blogging. Thanks for sharing the eagle story and more. I will definitely be back.

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