End-of-the-year footwear

December 31, 2011 • 6:06 am

It’s the last day of 2011, and so we’ll have a roundup of all my favorite things.  Don’t look for substantive posts today: I’m preparing for a trip to Costa Rica, and I’ve run out of opinions anyway.

Here’s a spiffy pair of Liberty boots; the overlay of different patterns is known as “foxing.”

15 thoughts on “End-of-the-year footwear

    1. I think it’s more like the creationaries have run out of arguments, and those have all been refuted already. So, for efficiency’s sake, when they regurgitate something as the latest in sophisticated theology, identify it as this or that argument and add a link to the refutation. That would allow time to be spent more productively – even just polishing boots!

  1. I love Costa Rica. I have been there four times. I am going back in March.
    I met many Costa Rican who were non-religious.
    Another great place to visit is Colombia.
    My friend Andy spend two months traveling around Colombia and had a great time. I went to visit him in Bogota last May. I hope to return soon.

  2. The thing that upsets me about all these boots is that most of the decoration is hidden by jeans most of the time, it seems such a waste!

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