My own tribute

December 17, 2011 • 5:50 am

I did the best I could, but I lack Mr. Walker’s amber restorative.

For our joint tribute to Hitchens, please be sure to email me your own photographic (or graphic, as in drawing) effort by this evening, and I’ll put them up tomorrow.  I’ll use your real name unless asked otherwise.  At present we have about a dozen and counting. . . .

37 thoughts on “My own tribute

  1. Just a typical evening at the Coyne residence…

    I went out and bought a special bottle of JWB just for the occasion.

    1. So did I, and remarkably, in front of me, at the liquor store, was a guy who was holding a bottle of JWB as well. I pointed and asked “Hitch?”, immediately regretting the stupid gesture and expecting a puzzled look.
      But the guy smiled and nodded.

      We weren’t the only ones I guess:

      1. It would be interesting to see if there was a noticable sales bump for JWB yesterday. I lean toward Talisker and the other island single malts, but I can appreciate a good blend.

  2. Well, I don’t drink, but I’ll be there in spirit when all Hitch’s many friends, readers, and, yes, adversaries lift a glass of their preferred single-malt in celebration of his life. As for me, I’ll be celebrating him by rereading some of his words.

  3. Hmmm…the way Jerry eats and now this…;)

    It looks like “The Portable Atheist” and “god is not great”, now those are good for you!

  4. Love it ! You have to work harder on ‘dishevelled’ though

    I’m completely unhorsed by the Peter Rabbit ‘ashtray’ plate ~ I can’t Imagine the adult Hitchens as a fan of Beatrix Potter…

    However I recalled that BP is mentioned in Hitch-22 & I wondered if that was the reference?

    “Americanism in all its forms seemed to be trashy and wasteful and crude, even brutal. There was a metaphor ready to hand in my native Hampshire. Until some time after the war, the squirrels of England had been red. I can still vaguely remember these sweet Beatrix Potter–type creatures, smaller and prettier and more agile and lacking the rat-like features that disclose themselves when you get close to a gray squirrel. These latter riffraff, once imported from America by some kind of regrettable accident, had escaped from captivity and gradually massacred and driven out the more demure and refined English breed. It was said that the gray squirrels didn’t fight fair and would with a raking motion of their back paws castrate the luckless red ones. Whatever the truth of that, the sighting of a native English squirrel was soon to be a rarity, confined to the north of Scotland and the Isle of Wight, and this seemed to be emblematic, for the anxious lower middle class, of a more general massification and de-gentrification and, well, Americanization of everything”

    I don’t know what that screw-top jar is ~ some kind of fruit? What’s that all about?

    And Tux the Linux penguin lurking evilly in the background…

    It’s like analysing The “funeral procession” on the cover of Abbey Road for evidence that Paul was replaced by a Doppelgänger

    1. Au contraire! I’m wonderin’ how JAC managed to look about 25 here…(& cute! in a faux-dissolute way, of course).

  5. The scowl is almost perfect Jerry. I had some scotch in Hitch’s honour last night as well. I’m paying for it a bit this morning…

  6. Sure as god made little green apples, a knucklehead is going to use that picture as evidence of your wrongness.

    Lovely tribute, though.

  7. Hitchens could write or speak a sentence that landed like a boxer’s punch, or punch combination. I’ll remember his rhythms as Miles Davis’s A Tribute to Jack Johnson, side one, “Right Off” —

  8. What’s with the french press pot in the picture you posted? That looks like f’ing tea in the bottom! Make a proper pot of coffee. That liquid should be dark as the bottom of a Mississippi swamp at midnight during a lunar eclipse! Jeez…

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