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  1. Thanks Jerry, We all need to step back and take a deep breath once in a while. I viewed your debate and did not think it was disrespectful. Of course you were not responsible for a few emotional people wrote nasty letters. We atheists receive worse. Just check out the centerfold of the FFRF newspaper.

  2. You’ve got a real eye for art Jerry!
    First the painting in the wineglass, then
    the gnomes in the orchids, and now this.

    If the creationists ever prove evolution untrue, you’ve got a second career as an artist! (Please no cat paintings).

    Best wishes for the autumn season.

  3. Fall looks set to finally start tomorrow here in the Valley of the Sun. Today it’ll still make it into the lower 80s, but the weekend and into next week it’s set to plummet all the way down to the 60s. Brrr!


  4. Ben, yup Tucson is about 3o miles further East than Tempe. Spent many happy days (and nights) in Tempe !!!

    1. …30 miles east and about as many south. I’ll actually be in Tucson the Saturday after Thanksgiving….

      Y’all getting the same wind that’s kicking up the dust here now?


        1. Well, there’s a good-sized infestation of Morons to the east, in Mesa…but this wind is out of the southwest…not much in that direction except for desert….


  5. “No one knows whose life they touch or who they will embrace,
    Just by actions that they do or being face to face.
    But your life will be noticed as the brightly colored trees,
    As either brilliant beauty or a pile of dried up leaves.”

  6. Some people have a theory that shorter days and cooler weather cause the trees to end production of a chemical called auxin, which allows the abscission layer to grow and cut off nutrients, sugar, and water to the leaves.

    This, in turn, causes the chorophyll to disintegrate rapidly, letting the chemicals anthocyanin or carotene to become visible.

    On the other hand, some people say that God just likes to paint leaves in the fall.

    I think both theories should be taught in our schools, don’t you?

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