33 thoughts on “Accommodationist bingo

  1. Can I nitpick that it isn’t a 5×5 grid? I’m sure we can come up with four or five more*.

    * Five if you can come up with something so ubiquitous that it counts as a ‘Free Space’.

  2. Yah, not actually a fan of sneer review after looking at it. Thanks anyway. Always interesting to see what people think is funny.

      1. Wait — is that what the Christers have been chanting? “Jesus is lord”?


        And all this time I thought it had something to do with cultured dairy protein and rendered pig fat….


  3. John Gray? I looked at the card and thought “Unscientific America just blacks out that card.”

    We need more cards; “Immanuel Kant” is another one the apologists like to trot out. Some even dare mention Popper – but perhaps that is a historical revisionism campaign against K. Popper.

  4. Why is Thomas Kuhn on there?

    Since it now has a Wikipedia page, we’re going to need to add Possibilianism.

    Of course, Eagleman is an atheist. He says our ignorance is too vast to commit to atheism. What he fails to understand is that atheism is just you end up buy default by failing to commit to theistic claims. Eagleman is completely an atheist in practice. He never once has considered the influence of spirits and the activity of God-rays in his research.

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