There’s another accommodationist Biologos!

June 19, 2011 • 4:49 am

Alert reader, sleuth, and crack satirist Sigmund has discovered that the American accommodationist and pro-Adam-and-Eve organization, BioLogos, has a Doppelgänger outfit with a nearly identical name and a nearly identical aim. It’s the Finnish homeopathic institute Biologos.  Sigmund’s take on this blatant theft can be see on his website, Sneer Review.

The “Oy,” I suppose, is there to distinguish it from the purely goyische American BioLogos.

Oddly enough, the Finnish Biologos wants to show the compatibility of science and homeopathy!  Here are two of their statements (these are real, based on Google Translate):

“in some Central European countries, homeopathic drugs are compensation for a national health care system. Including Germany, France and Britain, many thousands of doctors have received training in homeopathy. There are also trained homeopath doctors.”


“Homeopathy is different in many respects a familiar traditional medical methods, but does not exclude the concurrent medication use.”

Note to accommodationists: if you’re going to use Francis Collins as an example of why science and faith are compatible, you have no choice but to accept that medicine and homeopathy are also compatible. After all, there are doctors who practice both traditional medicine and homeopathy!

Sigmund describes the upcoming legal proceedings about trademark infringement, and the American BioLogos‘s lame defense.  But given that both outfits are dedicated to promoting the compatibility of science and nonsense, I don’t see why they can’t find common ground. Chris Stedman, where are you?

16 thoughts on “There’s another accommodationist Biologos!

    1. Please excuse my christian (as I suspect this question will show my ignorance), but it seems that I’ve seen or heard oy used as an exclaimation of something like astonishment? Is that possible or is the business association the only meaning?

      1. In Australia ‘Oy’ is used as an attention getter, as in, “Oy you! Stop that!” only it’s usually spelled Oi. Generally considered to be rather low-brow.

      2. It’s Yiddish.

        “Oy!” roughly “Oh!”; “Oy vey!” = “Oh woe!”

        What Marella says is also true (according to my dictionary) in British English.

  1. Oh hey! The christians will surely support health care reform in the United States now:
    “homeopathic drugs are compensation for a national health care system.”

    Once they find they will be compensated in homeopathic drugs it will be a done deal.

  2. In the first translation, it should read “homeopathic drugs are included in national health care”. This “complementary role” in combination with the fact that there indeed are many doctors with homeopathic training in Germany for example, is regularly used as an argument for a similar policy change in Finland as well. “If the Germans believe it works, it must be true.”

    Biologos is also better described a homeopathy shop and practice than an institute.

  3. You know it’s bunk when an organization wants to “show that X and Y are compatible” instead of “trying to discover whether or not X and Y are compatible.” It’s no better than young earth creationists trying to demonstrate that Noah’s Flood happened, using science.

  4. “Including Germany, France and Britain, many thousands of doctors have received training in homeopathy.”

    Now Germany has a group of doctors called Bund Katholischer Ärzte who are: Catholic, pro-homeopathy and (if that weren’t enough) say they can cure Teh Gay with their Magick Waters.

    Three Crazy for the price of one. Definitely something Biologos The Second wants to be proudly associated with.

  5. I have always maintained modern medicine and smoking are perefectly compatible because there are doctors who smoke.

  6. Does Darrel Falk know that it is illegal for him to use Biologos, a 501(c)(3) organization, to sell his book?

    The IRS says: “The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization’s net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual.”

    In addition, each of the “Saturday Sermons” blog posts links to, Tim Keller’s church, which sells the week’s sermon.

    Although Keller does not appear to be an official member of Biologos, he does co-sponsor workshops with them. It would seem that Biologos is laundering money through Keller to fund workshops. If Keller ever donated to Biologos, that would be straight-up laundering.

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