39 thoughts on “Anti-cephalopod post

  1. stvs – I don’t think I can watch that. I dislike seafood – the thought of watching someone eat a live squid….gag.

    Although, the deep-fried cephalopod looks like something I “could” eat with enough lemon, butter, and alcohol.

    1. I’d have to be hammered (with lots of JD) before doing that. I can’t handle seafood, let alone raw, twitching seafood.

    2. No kidding! I thought I was the last person in America who did not like seafood (except for shrimp. Yummy.) And look at how many of you there are here.

      Every year on my birthday, I taste lobster one more time. (I mean, I outgrew my dislike for celery–why not lobster? Or caviar?) Every year, it still tastes like a tire.

          1. You need to go to Maine. But then you’ll realize lobster is no good anywhere else. Not a seafood person either, but it’s different when it was in the ocean just a minute ago. And Digby NS for scallops.

      1. I live in Maine. A couple of blocks from the ocean. (Within walking distance of Portland Head Light). You are invited to my house for lobster whenever you want. If you don’t like it then, give up and stick to shrimp.

      2. tell me about it! i always get “you must not be getting it fresh, or must not be cooked right”. Um…I live in one of the top culinary communities in the world. I just don’t like the sea/fishy hint that permeates anything from the ocean. Actually, I can do shrimp and love a good broiled lobster tail…but fish fish? No thank you. It’s gross to me.

  2. Anti???

    you fool!

    That’s the good stuff!!! People who like that picture (e.g. me) are strongly pro-cephalopod!
    Me, I love squid on the reef or in the fra diavolo, just the same.

    Worst thing about choosing cats as the snuggly little furrey cute mascot-totems of your blog website?

    Can’t eat ’em.

    1. For the record, I did not intend to embed that vid, only to post the text of the url @ youtube.

      My apologies; now I know.
      (though I’d call it a software problem)

  3. Just because he is not of the superstitious mindset doesn’t mean he doesn’t appreciate being near the top of the food chain.

  4. Not so good! Someone fried it. Looks like greasy onion rings and where’s the burger? The ones my wife and I put in our Paella are pure white except for a little saffron tint.

  5. Fried squid is one of my favourite dishes. Best are the small ones which can be eaten, body and arms and all, in one or two bites. The best I’ve tasted are fresh from the Adriatic Sea. This is one reason I’m already looking forward to my next holiday in Croatia.

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