June 15, 2011 • 1:10 pm

Tomorrow a.m. I’m off for Norman, Oklahoma, home of the University of Oklahoma and site of the Evolution 2011 meetings: the annual joint confab of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the American Society of Naturalists, and the Society of Systematic Biologists.  I’ll be speaking on Sunday at 5:30 and returning to Chicago on Wednesday.

As always, pinch-bloggers Greg Mayer and Matthew Cobb will fill in when they can.  I’ll post when possible, but it’s gonna be busy.  Among all the meetings, talks and organizational duties, I hope to fit in a trip to the Cowboy Museum in Oklahoma City. I may also get nommed by a pit bull.

These are the biggest evolution meetings in North America, and next year they’re going to be huge, for we’ll be meeting with the Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution and the European Society for Evolutionary Biology in Ottawa, Canada.

If you’re going to Norman, I’ll see you there!

The onion burger—an indigenous specialty of Oklahoma

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  1. Next year in Ottawa? That’s a 5 hour drive from here! Are these things open to the public, or just Phd’s?

  2. “I may also get nommed by a pit bull.”

    Sure. That happens all the time. No explanation necessary.

  3. I’m going too. I did my MS degree there before moving to the PhD program at JC’s institution. If anyone wants tips on to-dos in the area, post here and I’ll try to help. My information is a little dated, I haven’t been in town since 2004, but O’Connell’s Irish Pub is a favorite hangout. I’m told it has moved to Campus Corner now where all the other good food can be found. If you want REAL southern cookin’ though, those spots are off the beaten path and require a car to get there. Check out live music at The Deli if it still exists (also on Campus Corner). Otherwise head to OKC, where I recommend checking out the OKC Federal Building Memorial from the 1995 bombing. It is really well put together.

    1. I am heading there on Friday. I wanted to ask if other readers here would be interested in getting together for a meal or drinks. A little WEIT hangout. Wonder if Dr. Coyne would have time for that?

      1. O’Connell’s would be a fine place for that. I’m down if we get critical mass together. I arrive on Friday as well.

  4. Also indigenous to Oklahoma is the “hot hamburger” which is a hamburger patty placed on a cheap piece of white bread, covered in a great heap of hot grease dripping french fries then covered with a ladle or two of hot brown gravy.

    Best eaten like a dog with lots of growling and snarling. Not for the faint, or clogged, of heart.

  5. The cowboy museum is terrific. One of my favorite features is a huge map of the US on the floor, with all the known cattle trails clearly etched in. I saw, for the first time the routes taken by my ancestors to get cattle to the gold fields of California. They went on a wide northern lop to Idaho and Oregon. When they drove herds to the San Diego area they followed pretty much the Butterfield Stage trail through the southern deserts of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and the southern Mojave. They always had successful drives, often returning home by boat to Panama, got carried over the Isthmus by Indians who specialized in carrying people. I think you will enjoy it.

    1. The Sam Noble museum is top notch. Thank Senator David Boren who became president of the University in 1994-ish when I started there. He brought some serious cash to that place and the Natural History museum is just one of the fruits. Later, the new National Severe Storms Laboratory on south campus was added. Very state of the art. Most people don’t think much of Oklahoma. I had a fine experience at OU and apparently it is an even better school now.

  6. I wish I was going this year! I loved it the last two years, but I couldn’t justify going when I didn’t have any research to present after the first year of grad school. Next year I’ll definitely be there!

  7. I live less than 1 hr. from Ottawa, and I am hoping that next year’s festivities allow visitors or at least some members of the public in.
    Maybe time to wave my “Science Writer” card around.
    Plus I know a few eateries in the Nation’s Capital.

  8. Jerry, just watch out for the Oklahoma State Legislature. They had a fit when Richard Dawkins spoke there to celebrate Darwin’s 200th b-day.

    Cheers to Ottawa, it’s a great little town even with the Conservatives in power!

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