24 thoughts on “The secret life of squirrels

  1. Do you give them a peanut? I have several squirrelies that will eat out of my hand. I also still owe Diane G. a video of Merlyn chasing poor Ratso around in our back yard. Production delayed by a combination of weather and travel.

          1. Very funny that exhausted squirrel pic ! Also I had no idea these creatures were available in black

              1. Oh, thanks Dom! Didn’t see your post before my comment below. Interesting article!

                Here I don’t observe the black morph being any more or less dominant. The fox squirrels, when present, seem to have a slight advantage (rule of tonnage?), but the feisty little red squirrels reign over the grays at feeders in the summers, even though they look about half as large, if that.

              1. We’ve got ’em here in SE Pennsylvania. There is a population of them centered on my son’s house, that has held constant at about 10% for at least 30 years (it used to be my mom’s house).

                I never see them elsewhere around town, though, just on this one block with a lot of big beech trees.

              2. Black form makes more sense in a dense woodland or further north perhaps?

              3. Black form makes more sense in a dense woodland or further north perhaps?

                Well, as you would imagine, Wikipedia has something to say about it…your reasons are touched on as is a sort of parallel to industrial melanism, only in this case it’s deforestation demelanism…Interestingly, it seems they’ve also been introduced all over:


  2. Er, recall the Zuk post chaps & be careful how you comment, lest you make them sound too human-like!

  3. We never see what they do when they’re in the trees,

    Squirrel cam needed!

    …but three of them (probably a family) are snoozing on my windowsill in a big furry pile. It’s a perfect day for that, sunny and slightly cool.

    What a privilege to witness that! I, too, would like to know more about said window and the habitat beyond.

  4. They are so cute. I like squirrels, even though they make feeding the birds difficult. They visit my back yard regularly for water from the birdbath, especially since we’ve had minimal rain for weeks.

  5. Do squirrels get into roofs as possums do? If it were legal I’d build myself a verandah, buy a rocking chair and a shotgun and sit out of a summer evening taking potshots at the little buggers! That’d learn them!

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