12 thoughts on “Chicago: Twilight

  1. I like the misty look of these photos, it makes it look slightly exotic.

    Also: you’re dissing sweet little innocent kittehs to promote your own skillz. For shame.

  2. Looks like air pollution to me.

    What is it doing to your lungs? Increases in Asthma?

    There are real costs to being a professor at the U of Chicago.

    1. I’ve often thought about this phenomenon when taking photographs. If there’s haze in a scene that’s a mostly (natural) landscape, the reaction is “oooh, pretty.” But as soon as there’s a skyscraper or noticeable building in the scene, the same amount of haze elicits “oooh, what wretched smog!”

      1. I’ve often thought about it just while living in a city. A hazy sky that’s brown at the horizon is really ugly in a city, doubtless mostly because I know it’s unhealthy. A hazy sky over a field of alfalfa…different thing altogether.

  3. As someone who grew up 10 miles outside of the Windy City in the 60’s and 70’s, the photos make me think of the brown smog that hung over the city on days when it wasn’t windy. It’s probably misplaced optimism, but maybe that’s been fixed and the photos just show fog?

  4. The park in front our building (7000N) was completely fogbound last night, and it looked like fairyland. The drive north along the lake was beautifully foggy like your photos.

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