Test your knowledge about sex in the Bible

May 22, 2011 • 6:35 am

So you think you’re one of those atheists who knows more about faith than the faithful? In today’s New York Times, Nicholas Kristof has a seven-question quiz on what the Bible says about sex. Check out what the scripture purportedly teaches us about sodomy, homosexuality, and divorce.

Kristof’s point is that the Bible is inconsistent on these issues, undercutting “ideologues” who base their morality on scripture.  But as informed atheists, we already knew that.

7 thoughts on “Test your knowledge about sex in the Bible

  1. He asserts that the Bible doesn’t mention abortion. Clearly, he’s never read 2 Kings 8:12.

    And let’s not forget that the Bible quite literally sings the praises of infanticide in Psalm 137.

    The rest of his “questions” also read much more like a preacher apologetically sermonizing to his flock than any sort of objective literary analysis.



    1. My translation: (of 2K8:12+)
      “…and you will slay (dash) their sucklings, and will rip-up their pregnant women…”
      Infanticide, murder & abortion in one fell swoop!
      How could anyone fail to fall for this cuddly theology, eh?

  2. I remember reading the Song of Songs or the Song of Solomon in a literature course when I was like 17 years old. And I thought “well sex can´t be that bad if even the Bible has a whole chapter on it…” LOL

    The Bible is full of inconsistencies in every subject possible, and sex is one of them.

    Jerry when are you coming to Guatemala again?? I would looove to ask you sooo many questions about your book…


  3. 2 Kings 8:12 does not reference abortion. It describes a genocide so merciless that even the most innocent and vulnerable will be slain–unless, of course, you think that “rip[ping] open their women with child” is intended to terminate a pregnancy while sparing the woman, which is the usual goal of an abortion.

  4. Funny, but his answer to #7 is misleading as far as what Christian scripture actually says. Between Jude 1:7 and Genesis 19:5-14, any “early religious commentators” who didn’t Sodom’s destruction with sexual deviance simply weren’t paying attention; the verse that immediately follows the one Kristof mentioned — Ezekiel 16:50 — alludes to Sodomites “committing abominations” before God.

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