9 thoughts on “Chicago: dusk

  1. I just discovered Chicago–my aunt has lived in Hyde Park for many years and recently, I started visiting her regularly. What a town!

  2. Beautiful.

    We get the “clearing a little just before twilight” effect here a lot – a strip of blue sky on the western horizon, permitting a glimpse of the mountains. Always a good way to end a rainy day.

  3. I drove down from Milwaukee to Chicago yesterday to see “Cave of Forgotten Dreams” yesterday. (Excellent film, btw.)

    Seeing the skyline as it appeared while driving south on the Dan Ryan, I found myself wondering… What part of Chicago are these photos taken from? What cross-streets do you live near?

  4. Beautiful! Looks sort of like Boston did, as I drove through that city yesterday at 5:30AM EST.

  5. A couple shots I took earlier that same day, one from the steps of the Field Museum, one from a bit further away, closer to Lake Michigan:

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