May 7, 2011 • 8:56 am

This sign could be at only one place—the Seattle airport:

Taken by a friend in South Africa:

On the road between Lone Pine, California, and Death Valley National Park, where I used to do field work:

And at a rest stop near Peterborough, England (home of a spectacular beer festival):

32 thoughts on “Signs

  1. Why is the guy in the left-bottom corner of the Seattle airport picture getting undressed? Or is that a TSA frisking station?

  2. “Cleaning in progress by *female* operative”? What even is that? How is the “operative’s” sex even remotely relevant?

    1. If the sign was by the male toilets a man might want to defer using the urinals

      If it was by the female toilets a woman would be reassured that she can enter without encountering a hairy bloke wielding a mop & bucket 🙂

      I believe there are such things as unisex toilets in some public places, but I’ve never come across these ~ with the exception of ‘disabled’ toilets

    2. Michael is right – more often on the continent (Europe as we term it in the UK) one sees lady loo cleaners. Some men are sensitive about this & they will not use a urinal but will only use a cubicle – I am sure there are deep psychological reasons for this!

  3. Just to continue the theme- I am not able to post a picture here (as far as I know) but I have a photo of a notice outside a U.K. hospital which reads:-




  4. My favorite near Cheltenham, England is:


    Just do a Google image search to see the sign on the roundabout. Classic!

  5. On the road between Lone Pine, California, and Death Valley National Park, where I used to do field work:

    There’s not much to see in Darwin, but nearby Darwin Falls is one of the coolest places there is.

  6. There’s a great website- -that has hilarious photos. Sorry, I don’t know how to do links.

  7. If any of you happen by SeaTac with time to kill, concourse B has a pretty awesome bronze fish motif on the floor… not just multitudes of salmon species, but plenty of various rockfishes and lingcod and halibut too. It’s almost as if they built the place for bored biologists with a penchant for IDing random things.

    1. I’ve been to Darwin, back in 2000. Lovely place, good prawns down at the harbour.

      I didn’t swim in the harbour though, or around it – too many salties hanging about!


      1. Indeed on the salties!

        We did swim in Katherine River (in the NP) and were told later by the helpful NP official (are they called “rangers” in Oz as in the US?): “No worries! No salties in there; but loads of freshies. They won’t eatcha, they’ll just tasteya!”

        Thanks for letting us know ahad of time! ;^)

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