10 thoughts on “Chicago: sunset

  1. Chicago has one of the more interesting city skylines (based purely on your photos) that I’ve seen.

    You must never get tired of looking at it.

      1. I’ve been thinkin’–since we know JAC likes both Chicago and Sinatra…shall we assume he likes both Sinatra Chicago tunes?

        (Sorta like one o’them philosophical construction thingamabobbies…)

  2. I went to a party in Chicago and the party was a “heroin party” in that it was a bunch of hipsters on heroin. There were literally 30 people, all passed out! Kinda funny. My friend and I went because we had heard about the roof: it overlooked 90/94 and the full length of downtown Chicago. We drank our beer and watched the sun rise. Communing with the best of human endeavor (and the worst downstairs).

  3. Greatly appreciate the photo of my hometown which I haven’t seen since I moved to Florida four years ago. I worked in a few of those downtown buildings.

  4. These shots look like they were taken from above the breakwater near the lighthouse.

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