14 thoughts on “Evening: Chicago

  1. I love the smell of smog in the morning. Smells like victory.

    Or lung cancer. I can never tell the two apart.

  2. Is there a technical definition of haze? I associate it with hot summer days – not exactly what we have been having in Chicago these past two weeks. I would call that view “…the city looms like a spectre through the fog.” And its not smog Riptide. Air quality is pretty good right now.

  3. I’m lost. It appears to be pollution, but you say you love it. That could be confusing. But I’ve read that Chicago is on the bord of one of the great lakes, so perhaps is the great-lake eqivalent of sea-mist. And you love it because it means there’s a temperature differential that is only apparent in spring-summer that produces this phenomenom?

    1. It doesn’t seem to be pollution. You may be right about the sea mist. There’s a gap between the ~10 story building in the right mid-ground and the skyline proper. That is Lake Michigan. I did not observe this meteorological phenomenon last evening, but I’m 7-8 miles from the lake.

    2. Polluted or not, it puzzles me that a biologist would consider a city beautiful. I’ll take nature any day.

  4. The view from your office window, did you say, Professor Coyne?

    I suppose brilliance has its perks. Hazy or not, that is one nice office…

    1. I suspect this is from his apartment/condo. U of C does not have a building this tall.

      Brilliance does have its perks.

  5. I look out of my south-facing living room every day and see the other side of this view – it’s definitely localized weather phenom – low fog banks often roll in off the lake leaving only the upper stories visible.

    It’s tough to live in the best city in America and not appreciate its grandeur every day.

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