April 18, 2011 • 11:59 am

From The Browser (accompanied by a nice email about their liking the site).  I don’t think they realize, though, that this isn’t a blog . . .

Not a tribute to me, but to biology, atheism, and kittehs!

And, just to ground me again, here are the top ten search terms for this site from the last week.  “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” are perennial favorites; is there some kink out there that I’m not aware of?

45 thoughts on “Encomium!

  1. Quality floats to the top Jerry. Congratulations.

    Regarding the other little matter. Perhaps you’re too far from the street: Cat penis 🙂

    It might make a good anagram too

      1. Should it properly be called “pain”? And the claim that those narrow sharp thorns have the function of scraping out rival sperm seems speculative. Wouldn’t a likelier function be to keep the penis in as a vaginal plug. (Do they retract or flatten when he is finished?)

        What’s fascinating is that the regular distribution and shape of the barbs is very similar to those on the tongue. Are there other such remote homologues?

  2. Congratulations!

    …and I really hope that that’s not an indication that people are coming to you seeking advice on how to shave a cat’s penis….


  3. Maybe you’re unintentionally running a kitteh pron site?

    Congratulations, I think. Depends upon what their criteria are.

  4. I believe I mentioned this before but it bears repeating … every time you use the words “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” it raises the prominence of this website in searches for “Cat penis” and “shaved cat”. So by mentioning “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” this article has already increased the likelihood that googling “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” will wind up here.

    Futhermore, comments that include “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” will usually also count in page ranking for searches on “Cat penis” and “shaved cat”. It’s quite likely that if you continue to mention “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” this site could rise to the very top of the “Cat penis” and “shaved cat” page!

    Mike, who doesn’t have a “Cat penis” or a “shaved cat”.

    1. Uh-oh…you know which Web site occupies the top two spots for “fondle Jesus intestines”?

      Sorry ’bout that, Jerry. It’s just that I can’t help it — I mean, there’re all these Christians running around saying how much they wish they could, like Doubting Thomas, fondle Jesus’s intestines that…well, it seems like every time you turn around, there’s another Christian fantasizing about how Jesus will let him fondle his intestines in Heaven, or how so-and-so would surely become a believer if only Jesus would let him fondle his intestines, or how he had this awesome wet dream last night where he was fondling Jesus’s intestines or —

      Damn. I did it again, didn’t I? Sorry…I’ll do my best to never again mention anything at all about Jesus getting his intestines fondled, or about people wanting to fondle Jesus’s intestines, or about how long the Jesus-intestine-fondling line is in Heaven, or….



      1. Ben has won! Cat’s penises and shaved cats are just to common but ‘fondling Jesus’s intestines’ is a Google bomb.

      2. ‘Fondling Jesus’ intestines’ used to make me feel a bit squicky, but I’ve become inured over the last year or so.:-)

  5. Does ‘penis size map’ refer to a map the size of a penis, or a map of different penis sizes? Or does it refer to a world map that divides regions into average penis sizes?

    I’m confused.

    1. That last one– which, of course, Jerry posted on… (Very funneh post–and the comments are even funnier;-))

      Congratulations! (Though we all know that WEIT is the best:-))

  6. Jerry: its a blog.

    Blog no longer means updating readers on your doings. Anything where you regularly post thoughts and commentary on others’ thoughts can now be called a blog.

    1. “Blog” is such a crude, ugly-sounding word. It brings to mind what one does at the tail end of a frat party or after trying to eat a big fistful of communion wafers. I would expect Bill Donohue and Ray Comfort to have blogs.

      Jerry has a Web site.



  7. OK, I don’t know what’s a joke and what isn’t in this post; however, ahem, if one looks to the left, one finds these words: “Enter your email address to subscribe to this ‘blog’ and receive notifications of new posts by email.” So, someone considers it a blog. 🙂

    Anyway, this is a great site, so whatever recognition you/it get/s is well deserved. Although, and it may not be the best time to ask but, I’ve always wondered why you chose the word ‘true’ in your WEIT title, and not something like ‘fact’, or ‘correct’, etc? I just cringe when this word is used in a scientific forum. I can guess at why but am really interested to know the real reason.

    1. How about this? The book is aimed more at the general public rather than a scientific audience; for that purpose it’s wise to use language in its commonly understood, vernacular form. Additionally, WEIT explicitly sets out to address the eternal (colloquially speaking!) irritant of creationism, a ‘field’ that doesn’t hesitate to use the most grandiose and freighted-sounding language possible. IMO, many a scientific response to popular objections has suffered in comparison due to dry, scientifically cautious habits of expression.

      1. I guess now I have to admit to not having read the book. I supposed something along the lines of what you’ve said above.

            1. I know the feeling! :- )

              I didn’t buy WEIT right away, either, mostly because I’ve been convinced evolution is true for going on 5 decades; in addition to the fact that my shelves are full of volumes by Gould, Dawkins, Diamond, Wilson, Mayr, Haldane, Wickler…

              After hanging out here, though, learning to appreciate JAC’s beautifully clear, direct, & humorous style, and, yes, feeling that it might behoove one to be at least somewhat familiar with the website’s eponymous volume, I finally bought it.

              And it turns out there’s so much to love about WEIT: the writing, of course, plus just the size & layout of the volume, the chapter organization & lengths, the entertaining figures interspersed at just the right frequency; and above all having such a handy and CONCISE compendium of the facts in a fashion that polishes off all the common anti-evolution ‘arguments.’ Now I can’t wait for someone to ask me for a book recommendation on evolution–which actually happens now and then in the non-science lists I visit…

              (I’ll bet he sells–and signs!–a lot of copies at the FFRF convention this fall…)

              1. Re Para. 1. Exactly!
                Re Para 2. Agree.
                Re Para 3. Alright, already – I’ll buy/read it!! 🙂

    1. We should have a prize for the 100th person to point that out…

      😀 Nothing personal, Chayanov! That could easily have been me some months ago.

  8. That is quite enough bacula for today.
    It matter not what you call it – the content is important & good.

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