12 thoughts on “Dusk: Chicago

  1. Snowing here in southeast Michigan–possibly up to two inches. Yeah, it’s April! We have a couple of sandhill cranes nesting on the shore of our little lake and I’m concerned for them, although they’ve certainly weathered April snowstorms before. Just a week ago the frogs started singing and now with the cold and snow they are silent. Argh.

    1. You got off lucky compared with the southern states & that storm devastation. Polar fronts I expect, battling with warm air from the tropics & continental US.

      1. Yep, some parts of NC got hit badly. Lucky there were not too many deaths. I helped around an old horse farm that got a direct hit. Gorgeous old oaks down, farmhouse looks lonely without them. It’s a sad view. All horses and people fine.

  2. Yeah, kind of a shock this morning. It was really coming down at 5:30.

    It’s kind of difficult to tell the difference between your Chicago at Dusk picture, and your Chicago at Dawn pic from last week.

  3. Trine will have had fine weather in London this weekend gone, if dullish. Alas, still no rain. This is getting seriously towards drought conditions at the start of the growing season.

    1. Yes Dominic. It’s still the same up here in Shiny Sheffield. We’ve had hardly any rain since the end of February and warm sunny weather is still forecast for the rest of this week.
      I’ve had to water my garden a few times this month already. A positive aspect is that all the spring blooms are looking fantastic as they haven’t been battered by the rain we usually get at this time of year.
      It still amazes me that we have such relatively mild, benign weather in Sheffield at a latitude of 53 degrees which is pretty close to Moscow at 55 degrees and much further north than Chicago at 41 degrees.
      Thank nature for our maritime location and the Gulf Stream!

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