Another EagleCam

April 3, 2011 • 8:40 am

I almost hate to foist this on you, but we’ll need a replacement for HummingbirdCam since those two chicks will soon fledge.

So there is another EagleCam—this one in Decorah, Iowa.  It also has three eggs, and two chicks have just hatched.  The important features of this one are that it operates 24/7 and has infrared video, so you can see the eagles sleeping at night, and it also has sound, so you can hear the birds making noise.  In fact, you can hear the two new chicks making distinctly un-eagle-like peeps.

Here’s a screenshot; you can see that the nest is considerably smaller than the one we’ve been watching.

h/t: Peter

12 thoughts on “Another EagleCam

  1. Never too many EagleCams, and it’s nice to have one with audio. There’s no audio for the Norfolk camera, as it is near an airport, and that’s pretty much all you can hear.

  2. “you can see that the nest is considerably smaller…”

    Or the eagle is a LOT bigger…

    Quoting JC from an earlier post:

    “There’s only one response: how do you know? “

    1. Yep, there’s also one sponsored by the National Aviary (which is in Pittsburgh): and they’re currently incubating.

      The screen says Cathedral Falcon above the frame, but that distinctly does NOT refer to any religious-affiliated thing, but instead to an academic one. Cathedral refers to the Cathedral of Learning (the official name), the 1930’s, ~40-story Gothic-cathedral-inspired main building at Pitt.

  3. mum’s just accidentally flung one of the eaglets to the side of the nest and the little thing cant get back to the center.
    Mum’s rather coldy just sat back down on the other chick and egg and left it at the edge.

    1. Noticed that right off–a well stocked pantry! Watched mom feeding two bobbleheads just a little while ago. They zoomed in on the third egg, too–and I thought I could see cracks…

  4. The infra-red is great for those of us on the other side of the planet, thx! That bird looks rather windswept and cold poor thing.

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