13 thoughts on “Eaglet gets its first meal

  1. Awwwww…..

    Mama’s beak is almost as big as baby, and yet she so delicately hands off baby-sized portions to the chick.

    And “bobblehead” is certainly the perfect description!

    One concern, though…I only see the one chick. What happened to the other two eggs? Ore they just out of view?


  2. I totally saw it getting fed yesterday. It was such perfect timing…I got there to see The Eagle sitting for a minute or two, then to see her stand up and reveal Fuzzy, then eat some of the fish lying at the edge of the nest, then start feeding Fuzzy, then go on feeding Fuzzy, then sit down again and do the Ray Charles thing. I totally saw it! I yelled an alert here at the time, but I don’t suppose anyone saw it.

  3. Is it just me, or is the older chick attacking the second chick, preventing it from getting food?

    I have watched a couple of feeding sessions which this appears to be the case.

    I know that life is harsh, and that probably only one or two chicks would make it, but I didn’t think they attacked each other to improve their chances?

    1. Not to worry; I found this posted by an Eaglecam moderator this morning:

      You will see some sibling rivalry at times which is perfectly normal. You also will notice the older one receiving more than the younger one – that is normal too as the needs are greater for the older one. The younger one will catch up and the sibling rivalry prepares them for the tough world they will eventually live in. Still no signs of the 3rd egg hatching, but it can hatch any day now. If you are having problems viewing the camera, please try refreshing your page a few times in a row or close the browser and reopen it. I hope another moderator will be on soon, as I can’t be here this morning until later. Have a good day and enjoy watching the eagles!!!

      Also, these eagles have produced three eggs every year for a few year, and brought all three chicks to fledging. This is unusual, but the pair are good parents.

      1. Thanks for the history Jerry, good to know its just oldfashioned sibling squabbling!

        I also have to do the multiple refreshes too occasionally, so glad its not just my connection, or something about me being in the UK.

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