48 thoughts on “Weekend footwear

    1. I’m sure it’s not an actual alligator, as that would be too easy. I am equally sure, however, that it’s a relatively close relative of an alligator; that’s the belly running along the top.

      We’ve already had caiman here. Could this be a repeat?

      Whatever it is, it’s either a juvenile or a small species. It’s almost the right size for an iguana….



      1. Well, alligators and the source species are in a smaller monophylic taxon than snakes and the source species… (Same division rather than same subclass.)

  1. It’s a snake not a crocodillian or lizard.

    I think it’s likely Python reticulatus, belly cut and bleached.

  2. Nice.
    My first thought was snake-belly too, though certainly not rattlesnake.
    But no, snake scales are more imbricate except for like filesnakes.
    It’s no lizard, I’m sure of that too.

    hmmm, now it’s going to bother me.
    *googles furiously*

    a-HA!! Wow! That’s very cool; I never would have guessed.

    Here’s the spoiler link; don’t click if you have more guesses!

    1. That is the one kind of leather boot I purposefully did not look at for comparison because I thought there was no way it could be that kind of animal. Little did I know it was all in the legs.

    2. Yup that’s it. Interesting that it’s listed with the snake skins.

      Oh well, whod’a thunk it

      Oh and apparently ‘belly cut’ means cut along the snake’s belly so that the dorsal scales show, not cut along the back or sides so the ventral scales show. So I was wrong on that too.

      There’s a better image here

      $65 per leg. And that’s before making the boot itself. Expensive boots?

      1. Oh – sorry I didn’t see Sven had found it! Now I will bury my head under my pillow in shame…

  3. Jerry – you’re going to have to post a pic of the entire collection all together today. I’m convinced that you may be the Imelda Marcos of Evolutionary Biologists.

  4. It’s the “mistaking it for” that riles me. How uncivil!

    “…can’t pass a … without thinking what a nice pair of boots it would make” would be closer to the mark.

  5. Dr. Coyne, goddamn. (Channeling Nina Simone). Your footwear is instilling in me guilt. I don’t even eat bacon, ferchrissakes. I think your boots must be beautiful, and I can’t take it any more.

        1. Ostrich burgers are very good, actually. I have them from time to time at farmers’ markets and country fairs. The meat is more like beef than chicken, but less fatty. (Healthier!)

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