10 thoughts on “Office garden

  1. Green against white!
    (But just try puttin them outside. They wouldn’t survive a single night. Our little rosemary-bush, that was a lump of ice for a month in December is still alive and says “pffftt” in the genereal direction of your succulents)
    Oh – and the eagle just laid another egg!!! And I saw it 🙂

    1. What is the second plant from the left, next to the window? I have a similar one, Adenia fruticosa, a passion flower. Adenia is also a genus of killifish, presently synonomized with Fundulus; an illustration of the separate nomenclature codes for animals and plants.

  2. Oh, sweet, I LOVE succulents! Definitely an Adenium type species or two, at least one Haworthia and what looks like–how appropriate–a Crown-of-thorns euphorb. 🙂 And some cool cacti.

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