January 20, 2011 • 1:49 pm

I’m off to my beloved Cambridge, MA tomorrow morning for business, and won’t be back until Tuesday.  I’ll post what I can, but Drs. Mayer and Cobb have kindly consented to fill in during my absence.

In the meantime, here, you can haz snub-nosed monkey:

(From National Geographic [photo by Cyril Ruoso], captioned: “The heavy fur of China’s snub-nosed monkey is a boon in subzero winters. Its quirky face could help too. Not yet two, a golden snub-nosed monkey perches in a highland forest in China’s Zhouzhi National Nature Reserve.  Maturity comes by age seven. Life span is unknown.”)

This species (Rhinopithecus roxellana) is found in a small region in the mountains of central China, and is endangered because of habitat loss.

17 thoughts on “Peregrinations

  1. Which species is driving it to extinction again?I haz a shrt mumery.Is it the one that proclaims its right to hunt whatever,whenever,and however it pleases.and then screams bloody murder if the occasional large predator decides to dine on human?Dost thou thinkest me a bad person for so seying?I would like to enter Ted Nugent into a survival contest-strip him of all his guns trucks gps devices clothes backup by civilizational authorities etc etc-and see how he survives as the (not so great,after all) white hunter.

  2. Speaking of the Peregrine and monkeys – there are large eagles in Asia which eat monkeys. This cute golden snub-nosed monkey would be a nice little snack.

    1. Wouldn’t have to be a large eagle.

      I saw a piece (60 Minutes?) on falconry — they showed a golden eagle which brought down a deer! With no problem whatsoever.

      A middling-sized hawk would make quick work of the little cute-ums.

  3. I *love* that picture! It is one of the cutest things I’ve seen in a long time (besides my daughter-also a primate)!

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