Footwear for 2011

January 4, 2011 • 9:45 am

Here’s a sturdy pair of boots with the most otherwordly of all animal hides.  What is it?

(Read the science post below first, though.)

Here’s a close-up:

UPDATE:  Okay, it’s stingray.  And the first 2.5 minutes of this video deals largely with stingray hide (including the samuri-sword connection) and how it’s tanned:

25 thoughts on “Footwear for 2011

  1. Damn handsome, whatever they are. I guess you’ll comment on that central feature on the vamps in due course…

    1. PS, I was gonna guess dillo, but Calden beat me to it. Thinking further, it does sorta resemble the underbelly of some reptiles I seem to recall, so how about Komodo Dragon underbelly, just in case Gila’s wrong.

  2. I think Ben is closest. It reminds me of the handle coverings of Japanese swords, which could mean it is manta ray or shark leather.

    1. Sven is right and Doug is half right. It’s stingray. The hide is so hard that it breaks the needles used to sew it, and many bootmakers simply refuse to use it. It is, though, perhaps the toughest of all boot hides. These boots can scratch the paint of your car if you don’t watch it.

      1. So that makes me a quarter right? Woo-hoo! My best showing yet!

        The properties you describe have me pondering other potential uses for the hide than footwear….



  3. Fess up Jerry! How many pairs of boots do you actually own?

    How do you store this huge collection? There must be quite the shrine in the walk-in closet. Are you trying to give Carrie Bradshaw and Imelda Marcos a run for their money?

  4. I figured it was something aquatic! So there’s a practical use for those deadly creatures, after all! (If this offends you, bear in mind that after our extinction, stingrays could conceivably evolve to replace us (though not as likely as octopi and/or squid)).

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