Birthday boots

December 30, 2010 • 6:50 am

It’s too sloppy in Chicago today to wear anything fancy, but here’s a pair that can stand up to the elements.  Guess the hide.

UPDATE: It’s been guessed: the hide is SHARK.  There’s no mistaking this crenulated hide, which is stiff to the touch, and of course very durable.  The crenulations allow it to be dyed in nice patterns, as in these boots.

Other December 30 birthdays: Rudyard Kipling (1865), Bo Diddley (1928), Sandy Koufax (1935; the greatest Jewish pitcher of all time, still alive and yet dropped out of sight), Tracy Ullman (1959; watch her hilarious YouTube spoof of Arianna Huffington, which mentions Christopher Hitchens), two Monkees (Michael Nesmith, 1942, and Davy Jones, 1945), Patti Smith (1946), Tiger Woods (1975), and Skeeter Davis (1931).

33 thoughts on “Birthday boots

  1. Merry Coynemas!

    After my miserable showing in the last “guess the hide” installment…I’ll just go with “comfortable” and leave it at that.



    1. You know, come to think of it, if you’re interested in yap-all-night Bichon Frise boots I might be able to “cut” you a deal, not that we ever had this conversation …

  2. Hmmm. Non-mammal is out; ostrich shows quills, snake/lizard/caiman/gator all show scale patterns, etc. Goat and llama and so on are too fine-grained. Bullhide is the closest guess I can make based on visual evidence only, but it’s not quite a perfect match there, either.

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