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  1. I’m totally onboard with the idea of a gob of cherry goo inside a rich chocolate cake with (say) chocolate ganache on top. But a gob of cherry pie inside all that? No. I just don’t want pie crust inside a cake! So sue me!

    1. I’m willing to TRY one, but only if the pie is pecan (or perhaps blueberry). Otherwise, sue me along with Ophelia.

    1. Pake is Not Great: How Multi-Layered Frosting Poisons Everything. I can already feel the all-encompassing pericardial effusion.

      However, I’m willing to relegate myself to a position of pake accommodationism for the sake of holiday revelry.

    1. Eyes? Gaping mouth? Definitely not.

      I see something else… completely unmentionable in mixed company. But then again, I worked in an STD clinic for 13 years.

  2. Hey, there’s fruit in the middle! It MUST be good for you if there’s fruit in the middle.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    1. Fruit with antioxidants, vitamins and dietary fiber = good for you!
      Chocolate can increase serotonin which makes you happy, and can act as an antioxidant too= good for you!
      Both chocolate and vanilla are thought to act as an aphrodisiacs – and sex is good for your cardiovascular fitness = good for you!
      (You can make anything a health food if you try hard enough and only look at the anecdotal evidence that supports your “everything is a health food” beliefs)
      Mmmm cup-pake

      1. Didn’t Bill Cosby do a routine like that (“You gave them chocolate cake for breakfast?!”)? :-))

        Of course, America is, as usual, way behind the Japanese. I’ve seen both Pie Cake, and Cake Pie over here ;-))

          1. Of course, they’re not the same size ;-)) Even McDonald’s here has smaller (read: original) sizes than the US, and Japanese I know who have traveled in the US are routinely shocked by the size of restaurant servings.

            Chris is right–there are zillions of *great* bakeries, though there are plenty of women who bake very well at home. Just smaller size stuff. I’m always surprised when I make something from a Japanese recipe–I get a dozen cookies, instead of 4 or 5 dozen. I wonder, parenthetically, why it is that the Japanese are generally not overweight… ;-))

        1. Which is even more confusing since it’s usually メロンパン (meronpan melon bread). I find it interesting that Americans are behind the Japanese when it comes to baking since home baking is a very different thing in Japan than it is in the U.S. Though I am also constantly surprised by the presence of really good bakeries all over Japan. I lived in Oda, a small costal city in Shimane Prefecture and there were no less than three yummy bakeries.

  3. Avoid such indulgences. Avoid tobacco. Drink moderately, eat greens and tubers.
    (Only if you like it…)
    And you won’t end up like Hitchens.

    1. Cancer is (as many diseases) an outcome of stochastic processes. There is no _guarantee_ that the outcome of heavy work with pakes, smoke, alcohol and meat will get you your desired sick leave. (But you will probably wish for it at the time.)

  4. I am baffled by how many people denigrate pakes without having tried one. I too was wary until I discovered how good they are. DATA!

    1. Not denigrating; just saying I don’t want. I don’t want to waste the indulgence. I’d rather have the two things side by side.

      Anyway I’ve got data: I know what kind of thing I like and what kind I don’t! I like smallish very intense desserts; I don’t like huge sprawling ones. I’ve never wanted a banana split, not even faintly. I just…I prefer to concentrate things.

      So sue me!

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