15 thoughts on “Bad taste ad of the month

  1. Or you could…you know? Have a small bowl of good plain whole-milk yoghurt (Brown Cow and Trader Joe’s European Village are my current favorites) with some diced fresh fruit.

    And, that way, you can avoid the fuzzy digestive system doing somersaults and trying its damnedest to escape your insides….


  2. My boss has just decided he has spastic bowel syndrome – a rather strange ‘illness’ & rather ill-defined. It has a lot of sugar in it. You haven’t bought shares have you?

  3. I thought the old Prilosec “Heartburn Hotel” ads were much more disgusting.

    P.S.: If you want to hear the world’s best cover of “Heartbreak Hotel”, it’s on the concert album “June 1st 1974” by John Cale, Kevin Ayers & Brian Eno.

  4. The product is crap, but that is the most adorable thing ever.

    They should drop the yoghurt and sell gastroentestinal tube dolls instead.

  5. Srsly. What is it with this recent commercial obsession with people’s bowels? It’s disgusting. And it all started with Jamie Lee Curtis getting all happy over how ACME Yogurt kickstarts her backside every morning. Cripes. Stop it.

  6. They sell Yakult in America? Did not know! I think the creators of that commercial must have been Japanese–I see commercials like that every day:)) The Japanese can be counted on to cutsie up anything. (that wasn’t actually the funny commercial I saw for Toto–the one that featured a Super Bidet shooting water at a giant Apricot in the sky…apricot of course looks like–right!)

  7. “Pro-biotic” bacteria tend to get killed in the stomach are are to my knowlegde as useless to the digestive system as homeopathy… just a thought….

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