14 thoughts on “Giant bubbles on Stinson Beach

  1. Wow! But that is technical progress.

    And you knew this was coming: a nitpick. Interference “produce” light in the same way that evolution “produce” traits. It is the constructive and destructive interference of light weakly trapped in thin films that produce interference colors from infalling daylight. Wiki saves me from detailing, that link gets the gist.

    Thin film production can give you, say, silicon dioxide coats on silicon wafers that are even enough that you see only one of those interference colors to satiety. Color overload!

  2. It is beautiful, but it reminds me of the giant bubbles that would recapture escapees from The Village in The Prisoner.

    “I am not a number, I am a free man!”
    –Number 6

    1. It’s been a while since I’ve thought of Rover. Too bad the ending of The Prisoner series was so over-the-top.

      One of my favorite episodes was called, I think, “Many Happy Returns,” where #6 is allowed to escape home only to be taken back on his birthday.

  3. Ah Stinson beach. Horrible drive to get there and you can’t get in the water because it’s a feeding ground for white sharks…


  4. Bay Area folks without wetsuits finally have a good reason to go to the beach!

    I’m just glad my 2-year old is still impressed with our 1-inch wide bubble wand. I can still be the amazing dad for a little bit longer…

  5. Their death is almost as beautiful as their birth.

    (But if you’re going to start Toccata #1, you have to finish it, not cut out just before the pedal-point. Show the footage again, if need be.)

    1. As the h/t “Finder” I have to admit that I saw on on The Guardian website. They have a weekly viral video chart with this kind of nonsense on. Today’s parkour cat video also came from there…

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