August 23, 2010 • 1:46 pm

A quick update: Chicago’s Field Museum, in collaboration with Midwest Generation, has set up a FalconCam on the roof of a power plant in Waukegan, Illinois.  It monitors a large peregrine nestbox, live, 24 hours a day.

I believe there are chicks in there (go to the “archive: last 24 hours”), but you can certainly see mom (Fran) and her mate.  Hurry–Fran’s there now!

UPDATE:  Chicks are gone, but mom hangs around.

6 thoughts on “FalconCam

  1. Those are big Chiclets!

    It must mean something special when birdies poop on my truck cause they have a nice collection in their house too.

  2. [OT] – but only because it has nothing to do with the gorgeous Peregrine falcons:


    A news article alleges that a published study claims Darwin was wrong … I think if the news article is accurate the title should be changed to “some people still can’t understand what Darwin wrote”. We also know that Darwin got some things wrong and that’s not really news either.

  3. Our local peregrines have fledged two youngsters this year and I regularly see the parents teaching them to hunt by dropping prey items for them to catch. It’s fascinating and very entertaining.

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