23 thoughts on “2010 Danish national rabbit-hopping championship

  1. Thank you! So much more wholesome than the chimp/frog porn monstrosity over on pharyngula. Mind you, if they could get little marmosets in suits to ride these rabbits, it would improve it no end.

  2. Dagrabbit, I saw Mr Playboy Bunny in the raw!

    More seriously, wasn’t some of those names a tad sexually tinted? Especially since those rabbits showed that a rabbit can be so much more than the stereotype. (Okay, maybe not so much more serious.)

  3. I didn’t realize one could train a rabbit to that level. The mind boggles at the single-minded dedication.

    Every pet rabbit I’ve met (not that many, admittedly) has been pretty apathetic and unresponsive. How do you reward an animal that seems to care for nothing at all? Starve it?

    1. We had a pet rabbit for about six months. We got it from someone else as a rescue.

      I tried to litter-box train it, but all it would do was eat and hide under the bed if we let it out of its cage. Though it liked to go in the backyard, where it would get under the tool shed until we drug it out before bed.

      Unfortunately, years of people owning a rabbit for which they had no clue how to care for shortened its lifespan and it died at the relatively young age of five.

  4. Sure, it would be adorable were it not for the doping scandals. The hopping championships remain under a cloud of rumor-fueled suspicion, and the biennial Carrot-Nibbling Tournament had to be entirely cancelled.

    1. That’s because they only showed the rabbits that made it through the courses.

      I want to see the crashes, the spills, the almost-cleared-it-but-not quite. Will he make it? Oh NO!!!! It’s OK, only bunny rug-burn.

      ESPN: I have a proposal for you. Hey, they do dog-jumping trials, why not this?

  5. We had an excellent rabbit that was born and raised around some dog pups. He thought he was a dog.
    He would play with the other dogs and even tried to bark with them. The weirdest thing was to see him gnaw on bones.
    Unfortunately he got out of the yard and we think he ran up to other dogs to play with them and they killed him.

    1. The weirdest thing was to see him gnaw on bones.

      Whoa, a herbivore displaying carnivorous tendencies? That’s pretty crazy. How much of animals’ behavior is learned and how much is “innate?”

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