15 thoughts on “Monday quiz

  1. It plays out “I’d love you to want me” by Lobo
    Picture 1)
    When I saw you standing there
    I about fell off my chair..
    Picture 2)
    When you moved your mouth to speak
    I felt the blood run to my feet
    Picture 3)
    Baby,I’d love you to want me
    The way that I want you, the way that it should be..
    Aw, it takes me back 🙂

  2. Paterson Signs No-Fault Divorce Bill
    The no-fault divorce bill allows a couple to dissolve the marriage by mutual consent and without requiring one spouse to accuse the other of adultery, cruelty, imprisonment or abandonment.

    That means no more pictures of spouses having donkey sex are required, and equines can be left to nookie with their own kind.

  3. Equus asinus seems a little confused; obviously she shouldn’t be allowed to marry because she’s an abomination in god’s eyes.

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